Louis Vuitton Summer 2021: Wear Monogram And Damier To The Beach
Louis Vuitton Summer 2021: How To Wear Monogram and Damier To The Beach

Louis Vuitton Summer 2021: How To Wear Monogram and Damier To The Beach

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Beachwear just got a high-fashion upgrade with Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2021 collection that proves that their iconic monogram and Damier prints can come off the runway and straight into the sun and sand.

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If you fell in love with last year’s Escale collection that featured gradient primary blues and reds, then you’ll surely have an affair with the newest Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 collection. There’s everything from bags to clothing to small accessories. Also continuing with their gradient motif, this summer’s shades are more on fresh pastels. Inspired by Malibu’s endless summer, think riviera blues, sunrise yellows, and baby pinks on the favorite On The Go totes and Multi-pochettes. Best of all, for those Damier loyalists, Louis Vuitton has finally released beachwear to complete your collection.

With the collection’s wider range, here’s how to wear the Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 according to each type of beach person:

The Sun Goddess

For those who love lathering on luxurious body oil and taking a good nap under the sun, the collection’s monogram or Damier bikinis are for you. Pair it with flat mules and a bucket hat or sunglasses to match and to keep your face and eyes protected. For your bag, the classic Neverfull never fails to carry all your essentials of summer book reads and beach towels.

The Cool Athlete

Love playing sports on the beach? Whether you’re the type to set up the volleyball net or catch waves, the line offers beach games-friendly wear that’s Blue Crush worthy. Choose from their nylon Bermuda shorts and parkas, mesh sport 2-piece, cotton jumpsuits, and denim shorts. For shoes, the cool-girl-approved LV Archlight sneakers now come in summer colors. Lastly, the Multi-pochette bag, paired with tinted aviators and layered monogram canvas bracelets will complete your sportswear look.

The Fashion Mom

What’s a vacation if not for a mom who truly deserves it? Despite having to carry everyone’s sunscreen, gadgets, and extra clothes, organize with Louis Vuitton’s toiletry pouch inside the popular On The Go Tote with giant monogram. To keep effortlessly cool under the sun, opt for their blue bodysuit or Damier azur silk dress and poplin shirt. And for an evening of family dinners and the ritual nightcap, switch up the flats with block sandals and your bag to a Capucine or a Plexi-glass Twist for a sophisticated look.

Louis Vuitton is located at Greenbelt 4 and The Shoppes at Solaire Manila. Follow @louisvuitton on Instagram for more updates.