LOOK: Gucci Creates Special Collection For Doraemon’s 50th Anniversary

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Following its special collection with Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Gucci is set to penetrate the east by tapping Japanese anime character Doraemon.

Last year, we’ve witnessed last how Gucci’s ingenious marketing strategy of creating a Disney collection got the attention of many of its loyal customers for the Lunar New Year. Not only because it’s simply “Gucci;” rather it gives us a tinge of nostalgia about our childhood—an aspect many Millennials always look for whenever they splurge because we all want it to be memorable.

So, continuing its footsteps from last year’s special collaboration for the occasion, Gucci now taps the famous Japanese manga and anime character Doraemon—the cat-type robot sent from the XXII century to help a young boy called Nobita Nobi with secret gadgets from his four-dimensional pouch. But since it’s the year of the Ox, Gucci made sure to reinterpret Doraemon as the animal that symbolizes confidence and determination. 

Doraemon Gucci

Now, as a beloved character that is as much a part of our childhood, Doraemon spans generations as a pop-culture symbol. Not only was the anime entertaining at its best, but it also served as an educational manga having taught us many life lessons. In fact, one of which was this famed quote of Doraemon: “You shouldn’t be crying over those things that happened in the past. Think of this, why do you think your eyes are placed in front? That is for you to see what’s up ahead.”

As this special collaborative capsule serves as the manga’s 50th anniversary, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele thought of traveling through time with the cat robot. After all, Doraemon was a reflection of modernity during the advent of the technological age 50 years ago, offering a comedic glimpse of the future.

Doraemon Gucci

So, in this Gucci Lunar New Year campaign, Doraemon becomes a companion who transforms everyday activities into joyful adventures, much like how he spends the majority of his time with Nobita. From having breakfast to playing video games with friends or partying in the garden, the affable cat robot—in the role of an imaginary friend—brings color into people’s lives.

And this is exactly what Alessandro Michele did as he reinterpreted some of Gucci’s most sought-after products for men and women. The pop icon Doraemon is designed in his classic blue color over the GG motif.

Moreover, this Lunar New Year’s Collection has its own sustainable packaging. It’s comprised of fully recyclable green bags and matching swing tickets referencing the 50th anniversary of the anime. And since Doraemon is an emblem of the future, it was only fitting for Gucci to create this Bespoke entertainment on their app bringing Doraemon figure to life thanks to Augmented Reality.

The Gucci 2021 Lunar New Year Collection is now available on all Gucci stores worldwide and online. In the Philippines, Gucci is located at Greenbelt 4 and Shangri-La Plaza East Wing.