Longchamp Showcases Three Snapshots of Paris In Their Newest Collection
Longchamp Showcases Three Snapshots of Paris In Their Newest Collection

Longchamp Showcases Three Snapshots of Paris In Their Newest Collection

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These handbags from Longchamp’s Très Paris collection take soft, sweet, and stylish cues from Parisian life for you to experience yourself

One of the most coveted travel destinations has to be Paris. Fueled by romance in popular media and the aesthetics of travel photos and videos, the French capital is listed in probably every globetrotter’s bucket list. So, as you await for your ticket to the widely-considered epicenter of fashion, Longchamp brings delightful experiences from its home turf closer to you through its Très Paris collection, allowing you to feel and carry three key snapshots of Parisian life first-hand.

Longchamp Brioche

A trip to the corner boulangerie in the morning

Waking up on the right side of the bed, you walk out of your apartment and head over to your local boulangerie, or bakery, and grab breakfast for the day. The scent of half-risen bread baking in the ovens and the light rustling of foliage paints a picture of a bright cityside morning. For its Spring-Summer 2021 collection, Longchamp captures this warm ambiance in the Brioche, their newest line of bags.

Longchamp Brioche

Just as irresistible as the sweet pastry from which it takes its name, the Brioche is infinitely soft and cozy. Run your fingers over its exceptionally soft leather and puffy contours. The quilted silhouette gives a structured and contemporary character. Its ultra-feminine appeal makes it a versatile bag, while the elegant tone-on-tone topstitching showcases the Longchamp expertise. Bread alone can satisfy, and the Brioche carries a design free of superfluous details, exuding the refined Parisian spirit. On top is a large flap with a rectangular metal fastener, while its shoulder strap consists of an adjustable sliding chain.

Created for the multifaceted, chic, energic, and authentic woman, the Brioche will be your morning go-to, or nighttime delight–adapting to your dynamic lifestyle while keeping essentials tucked away.

Wish you were here

A picture is worth a thousand words, but there are some things better left written by hand, straight from the heart. That’s what postcards are for–a photo for the setting, and an open space at the back for the true message. It’s a timeless memento from travels, and evokes an authentic emotion digital messages can never replicate. Longchamp revisits this sense of travel with the Mailbox line, an ode to the modern and poetic globetrotting woman.

Longchamp Mailbox

Slip in your essentials, or even a personalized postcard for a distant loved one, in its front pocket that is designed to resemble a mail slot. Its overall structure, on the other hand, remains sleek in shape and expertly crafted with grained leather. Signature details such as a metallic oval medallion and double topstitching give it a sophisticated touch.

The Mailbox Velours is Longchamp’s love letter to the modern traveller. Its sensual velvet, combined with grained cowhide leather, creates a two-tone contrast that makes it a must-have this season. This gentle and versatile rendering of the Mailbox makes it an effortless pairing for both nearby city trip looks or faraway vacation outfits.

That je ne sais quoi in French-girl style

Whether sleek and feminine, or wild and exotic, there’s something about the Parisian style that always surprises onlookers. As style constantly reinvents itself, Longchamp joins the fray by innovating its Roseau line. With new leather crossbody bags and compact variants in seasonal colors, the collection now grows to be more inclusive. Surely, there is a shape, leather type, and color to fit you.

Longchamp Roseau Croco

Carrying more surprises than ever, Longchamp introduces two new Roseau shapes. The Roseau Box holds structure with its innovative cube-shape design. Perfect for the urban scouts looking to add edge to their profiles, this bag carries enough wow-factor to effortlessly elevate your look.

On the other hand, the Roseau Croco is the expression of your wild side. Its adorable XS size packs a strong hit of crocodile-style calfskin to add a textural contrast to your style. It’s an on-trend piece that still maintains elegance–a sure stand-out among the crowd.

Of course, the Roseau line maintains its signature bamboo-inspired closure and simplicity, making it, without a doubt, Longchamp’s flagship line. More structured and featuring new sizes and materials, it is a must-have for the season.

Take a snapshot of Parisian life with you today. Whether it’s a bright neighborhood morn, the blissful poetry from handwritten letters, or the endless style variations in your hands, the Longchamp Très Paris collection is your ticket to new experiences.

Read and shop the latest collection from Longchamp online at their official website.