Get Up Close And Personal With These Celebrities By Hitting The Subscribe Button On Youtube
Get Up Close And Personal With These Celebrities By Hitting The Subscribe Button On YouTube

Get Up Close And Personal With These Celebrities By Hitting The Subscribe Button On YouTube

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Letting us in on their private lives, these celebrities have found a new way to connect with their avid followers. Through their own YouTube channel, we’re definitely hitting the subscribe button, stat. 

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The quarantine period has encouraged, nay, forced us to explore different ways to keep busy and connect with friends, seeing how well they’ve been doing. Same thing goes for our beloved celebrities who are sharing another side of their lives, which we, fans, rarely witness. Forget the scripts, the acting, and the curated Instagram feeds, because the YouTube channel of these stars are displaying an engagement beyond the camera and outside the TV and silver screen. With this unique lens into their lives, we interface with quirky personalities, and everything that’s blue-penciled about them.

Liza Soberano

In Liza Soberano’s new YouTube channel, she introduces Life With Liza, where she will basically share different aspects of her life beyond what we may think we already know of her. While her first vlog is all about answering random questions sent by her fans, her most recent vlog, where she recreated the look of Blackpink Jennie, touched on two of the actress’ interests—makeup and K-Pop. In case you don’t know yet, Liza is a fan of BTS and as you might have noticed, her love for K-Pop naturally emanates.

Bj Pascual

Celebrity photographer, BJ Pascual takes us to a trip down memory lane when he first unveiled his YouTube channel. “I’ve been really looking for something creative to do while at home,” shares BJ. Prior to the launch of his YouTube channel, he was posting mukbang videos on his Instagram account and his followers were quick to suggest that he make his own vlog. Now that his first vlog is officially up on YouTube, we’re getting to know the real BJ as he tells his life story from the very beginning, and as we assume in the future, much, much more and thoroughly in depth.

Enchong Dee

Enchong Dee’s vlog came a little earlier than the lockdown. Nonetheless, Enchong has been actively uploading content that shares how his life currently is when in quarantine. From giving tips for home workout to drinking vitamins, cooking tutorials to collaborating with his co-stars, his insightful videos are perfect to help get through the pandemic.

Brie Larson

Straight across the MCU, Marvel superhero Captain Marvel actually has a fun and laid-back pastime apart from saving human lives. Just like any of us who found gaming as a great quarantine hobby, Brie Larson is actually into video games, as well. In her first few videos, she shows off her Animal Crossing Island, which is obviously what she does mostly during quarantine and discerning one-on-one conversation with Justina Omokhua, the SVP, Brand Marketing of Endeavor.

Park Min Young

It has only been a month since the Korean celebrity, Park Min Young started her own vlog. The What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim star shares snippets from her work, personal life, and bonding with her adorable Bichon Frise. Her vlog comes with English subtitles for her fans from different parts the world. Brace yourself for mouthwatering videos because part of her daily activities are eating scrumptious Korean feast and Korean BBQ is definitely one of those.