This Local Brand Has Concocted the Elixir to Eternal Youth

The country’s pioneer in vegan, all-natural skincare is enhancing the beauty regimen of women everywhere.

Pili Ani has beat time at its own game by concocting what is essentially the elixir to eternal youth using natural local ingredients: the Ageless Concentrate.

Touched by nature

The Ageless Concentrate is formulated with two potent ingredients: pili oil and elemi oil. This powerful combination of oils makes the serum a holy grail for keeping the skin firm, hydrated, and plump. 

Extracted from thousands of pili fruits, the pili oil is rich in antioxidants and packed with vitamins A and E. This component, which is likened to popular oils like argan and marula, is catching the attention of beauty brands and experts for its ability to hydrate, heal, and boost the skin’s elasticity.

The other ingredient in Ageless Concentrate, elemi oil, is distilled from the bark of the pili tree. It hails from the same botanical family as frankincense and myrrh. The elemi oil effectively aids in making the skin firmer and balancing the skin’s natural oils.

Untouched by time

When combined in one potent concoction, this combination becomes a powerhouse of anti-aging properties that defy the effects of time. The Ageless Concentrate improves the texture of the skin and maintains its youthful glow. The high antioxidant levels protect the skin against harmful elements like free radicals that lead to signs of aging and long-term skin damage. It also keeps dullness and the accumulation of rough surface textures at bay while improving the skin’s moisture levels. This beauty essential comes packed with anti-pollution properties, which acts as a protective shield against air pollutants.

The new secret in your beauty ritual

The Ageless Concentrate is changing the way you go about your beauty routine, making it the one product you need in your boudoir. The lightweight and fast-absorbing serum sinks into the skin easily, creating a smooth, flawless canvas while providing deep moisture. It leaves a thin veil on your skin, making it ideal as a makeup primer without the greasy feeling.

Crafted sustainably, from seed to skin

Each bottle of Ageless Concentrate is crafted with an artisanal touch every step of the way. Pili Ani works closely with farmers to ensure that ideals of ethical, fair trade and sustainable sourcing are followed to the letter. An average of 3,500 pili nuts are gathered by farmers just to fill a liter. To distill elemi oil, pili trees must be between five to six years old before they can yield this precious ingredient. Farmers of Pili Ani are also trained on proper tapping techniques so that the trees remain healthy and unharmed after the extraction of oils. 

Expert-approved quality

Once the ingredients are ready, the chemists at the Pili Ani laboratory work tirelessly to come up with formulations that are safe, gentle, and effective. The goal is to craft all-natural skincare products that work to nourish, protect and revitalize the skin under the guidance of experts. Product samples undergo rigid testing, and are often times sent abroad to be tested by esteemed global laboratories to ensure only the best for Filipina women. 

Elevate your beauty ritual and defy the effects of time with Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate.

For more information, visit Pili Ani’s website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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