This Local Brand Has the Perfect MLBB Shade for Every Skin Tone

When you don’t feel like wearing a bold lipstick but can’t go out without a bit of color, an MLBB lippie is the way to go.

Wearing a my-lips-but-better shade is the perfect understated way to add some flush to your pucker. Careline’s new Soft Suede Lipsticks have a wide range of MLBB shades that are Filipina-friendly. Whether you have fair skin or you are morena, you can find a color that matches your lips with the line’s 6 shades.


Morenas, rejoice! Fire is perfect for warm and darker skin tones. Its brick red shade complements women with golden skin, making it ideal for an all-day casual look.


This subdued rosy brown nude suits most Filipina skin tones. It mimics the natural flush of the lips. Thanks to the suede texture of the lipstick, Icon adds just the right amount of sheen to make your lips look healthy.


Vibe is a rose mauve that is perfect for women with fair skin. It doesn’t verge on the purple side of the color spectrum and has a subtle hint of rose underneath. Pair it with a fierce winged eyeliner, and you got your day-to-night look down.


Suitable for those with cool skin tones, Trophy’s true terracotta color adds some warmth to your complexion. Its barely-there appearance is perfect for a no-makeup makeup look.


Don’t let this color scare you. The shade Spice leans more on the crimson side, but it’s not too overpowering. It gives off a dark red hue to your lips without looking gothic. Blot it a few times to lighten the shade, so you can achieve a just-bitten look.


Mood puts together the right blend of peach and brown for a classic-colored pout. Because of its reddish hue, it’s the ideal MLBB shade for olive skin tones.

No matter your skin tone, you can be sure to find the perfect match for your lips with Careline’s Soft Suede Lipsticks.

See the whole range on Careline’s website and Facebook page

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