Local Bag Brands To Follow Right Now

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Because having high-quality pieces doesn’t mean spending more.

Looking for a bag that is chic yet high-quality, but you don’t want to splurge? Look no further. These Filipino brands are on the rise, all known for their unique pieces, as well as their craftsmanship. Not only do they use materials like wood, coconut, and high-quality leather, pieces from these Filipino brands also showcase culture and artistry of Filipinos. With their eye-catching yet timeless designs, it’s time we start supporting local.

Here are the local brands that will give you the feel of luxury for less:


A brand that has continuously showcased Filipino craftsmanship in every piece, Aranaz is a local brand that has since become a favorite among stylish Filipinas. Founded by a mother-daughter trio, and every piece caters to the chic and cool woman—with their pieces the perfect combination of artisanal and stylish. Every Aranaz piece is handmade in the Philippines, and made of materials like coconut, wood, and rattan, as well as featuring different weaving patterns—the perfect bag for the mall or the beach!


Widely known in the Filipino fashion community, Fino Leatherwear is a brand known for their stylish and sturdy leather bags. The local brand shows off timeless yet chic pieces, perfect for the modern Filipina. Not only are Fino bags beautifully structured, their pieces are also handmade by craftsmen committed to only giving you the best products. 

Zacarias 1925

Giving a contemporary twist to hand-weaving, Zacarias 1925 offers luxury bags, as well as home accessories. The brand was named after the creative director, Rita Nazareno’s, grandfather. Continuing a family heritage, every single Zacarias 1925 piece is handwoven in a workshop that Rita’s grandmother founded in 1925. From one-of-a-kind backpacks to uniquely structured clutches, Zacarias 1925 has us wanting every piece in every collection.


While the brand started with ready to wear pieces, Katre is now known for their quality leather bags. Established by Kat Erro in 2009, Katre pieces are now worn by celebrities and influencers such as Janeena Chan and Say Alonzo. Each piece timeless, chic, and made of high-quality leather, every Katre piece gives you the feel of a luxury brand, without breaking your pocket.