MEGA Picks: These Are The Lipsticks That We Can't Stop Wearing Even Under Face Masks
MEGA Picks: These Are The Lipsticks That We Can’t Stop Wearing Even Under Face Masks

MEGA Picks: These Are The Lipsticks That We Can’t Stop Wearing Even Under Face Masks

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In celebration of the National Lipstick Day, MEGA Editors handpick their favorite lipsticks and shades that are simply gorgeous, we couldn’t stop wearing it even with a face mask on. 

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Have you ever felt how wearing a bold red, a subtle nude lipstick, or glossy lip gloss can be very empowering? However, in the new normal of wearing face mask outdoors, a lot of ladies have reconsidered this indulgence, with some completely skipping lipstick in their makeup routine. Well, we’re not saying it’s necessary, but considering how lipstick can prompt a whole new mood and accentuate your look, wearing them under face masks is not at all a bad idea. Especially, if you’ll opt for smudge-proof makeup, you won’t have to worry about lipstick stains and pesky transfers.

Since National Lipstick Day is inarguably worth celebrating, read through which lipstick products are making us swoon at the moment.

blk Creamy All Over Paint in Feeling Peachy


“Peach and coral shades are my current obsession. However, I’m still picky when it comes to its finish. When I tried blk’s Creamy All Over Paint in the shade of Feeling Peachy, I instantly fell in love with how smooth it feels on my lips and how its peachy color delivers a vibrant and fresh mood. And since it’s an all over paint, I gently dab the same product and shade on my lids and cheeks. Well, you may not see it, but I’m definitely applying it on my lips even with mask on and more so, when I’m attending Zoom meetings.” — Alinea Hernandez, Digital Beauty and Features Writer. 

BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick

“We may have shifted to the new normal but my makeup routine still includes a nude lipstick. BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick has long been my go-to. The lightweight feel and smooth sensation when it’s coated on my lips are what I love about the product. I can instantly channel the lady-boss during Zoom meetings when I have this product on.” —Ahlex Luna, Social Media Associate.

Happy Skin Glossy Tint in Crimson

“I’ve been using Generation Happy Skin’s water lip tint for my everyday lip color, but when I discovered their glossy tint, I immediately knew it would be my favorite. It has the stay-on power as the water lip tint, but the jelly texture of the glossy tint makes it easier to apply evenly on the lips without the dry patches. While tints are usually drying, I noticed that the smooth texture of the tint is moisturizing and the stain stays on the whole day, even with a mask on.” — Elyse Ilagan, Digital Features Editor

Yash by MAC Cosmetics

“First of all, men can very well wear lipstick if they choose to, which makes us eligible to join in on the National Lipstick Day festivities. That said, on the chance I decide to color in my pucker, my fascination is focused on Yash by MAC Cosmetics. Housed in a frosted transparent tube, the deep neutral from its Loud and Clear collection effortlessly diffuses the natural pink tone of my lips, making it a versatile canvas for any color you want to blend in or to let it stand on its gloriously matte and au naturel own. Before wearing a mask, it is best to give this time to settle or the old 90s trick of blotting the lipstick with a piece of tissue to further avoid budging and smudging on your face mask.” — Angelo Ramirez De Cartagena, Digital Content Editor

Tom Ford Lip Color in Indian Rose


“Now that I spend most of the week working from home, I still make it a point to dress up and make an effort to wear makeup so that I feel good. While I skip on heavy foundation and heavy eye makeup, I love to wear lipstick. I love the fact that it immediately alters my mood and provides a focus on my over all look. Right now I’m currently loving Tom Ford’s pinkish nude lipstick, Indian Rose. It has a great pinkish hue, has a creamy finish, and is comfortable to wear all day.” — Peewee Isidro, MEGA Editor-in-Chief