Let Your Hair Down: The Importance of Haircare
Let Your Hair Down: The Importance of Haircare

Let Your Hair Down: The Importance of Haircare

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With salons on limited operations,  unmaintained haircuts are the new norm. We are left to our own devices to keep our crowning glory healthy.

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Oftentimes, haircare can be the last priority when it comes to our beauty regimens. We can easily fall into a quarantine hair care routine that only consists of shampoo, conditioner, and nothing more. But doesn’t the thing that can symbolize who we deserve more attention. Hair is a means of expression and throughout history, it has been a part of a culture. In Chinese history, the hair was once believed to be a part of the skin. It was considered a gift from your parents and damaging them was considered unfilial. Black women use their hairstyles as a personal expression. It is a tradition that represent who they are and shows the evolution of their culture over time.

Filipinos have also come a long way from thinking that long and straight hair was the only acceptable hairstyle. We were frying our hair with the straightener and making it go through multiple re-bonding sessions. Now, we are learning to embrace our hair in its natural state and doing whatever we decide with it, so the saying “long hair, don’t care” shouldn’t be the case anymore. Treat it with the care it deserves and take advantage of this time to nourish it back to its original glory.

The stress and lack of energy we are that we are currently under can show through our hair. Hair fall and thinning can be a problem. If you’ve been waking up with hair strands covering your pillow and having excessive hair fall when you shower, it’s time to invest in some proper haircare.

For soft and silky hair, avoid bringing any friction between your hair by using silk pillowcases and opting for scrunchies than regular ponytails, not only is it more stylish but it keeps the mane healthy. Avoid sulfates in your shampoo that makes the strands dry and brittle. By picking natural products, you become a conscious shopper as well.

Renowned French hair care expert Phyto offers an Fortifying Energizing Shampoo that’s formulated with a carefully selected blend of botanical ingredients that cleanses the scalp and strengthens the hair strands. Use it with their Global Anti-Hairloss Treatment that targets the main causes involved in hair loss to promote more growth.


Their Energizing Hair Mass Lotion is also a hair energizer that can be used daily even for styling. Perfect for those who still want their haircare routines to be simple and straightforward. It restores the body and volume of the hair without it feeling sticky like how some hair products do.




We say no more to bad hair days and yes to gorgeous full hair for our crown.