Let up and Chill Out With Levi’s New “Stay Loose/High Loose” Collection

Give off a laid-back vibe with sustainable, relaxed denims.

Sustainability is rapidly gaining traction as people grow more conscious of their choices. A world-first, eco-friendly lifestyle has shaped the mindsets of people, and along with it, a more nonchalant attitude reminiscent of the 90s. With the mellow shift in the market, Levi’s has been adapting and developing more sustainable ways from the production of their jeans and apparel to encourage reusing and recycling of clothes. Not only does Levi’s house the latest fashion trends, it also aims to be a stylish and conscious brand. Now, they are launching their most sustainable collection yet. The new Stay Loose/High Loose collection is slouchy and relaxed all the way down to its stacked ankle. Available in denim and non-denim, it proves to be versatile and can be worn with anything, and for all occasions.

The Stay Loose variation offers several options for men, which are relaxed jeans with a loose fit through the hips and thighs. A throwback to the bold styles of the 90s, this casual jean is also offered in cropped leg pants, melding this classic look with a modern silhouette that hangs just right.

Taking a cue from Stay Loose, the High Loose jeans for women feature unrestrained silhouettes that still accentuate the legs. It’s a vintage fit with loose legs that run all the way down to the ankle, and a flattering high rise to cinch the waist—a modern interpretation of a classic 90s style. 

Levi’s makes it possible for you to wear conscious clothing without sacrificing comfort or style. The Stay Loose/High Loose jeans are made with super soft cottonized hemp. Specially designed for Levi’s, this new innovative hemp yarn is as soft as regular cotton without the downside. Cottonized hemp grows quicker, uses less water, and leaves behind cleaner, healthier soils. 

Levi’s has been a pioneer of sustainable fashion long before it was a trend. From the production of clothing and strengthening communities around the world, Levi’s shows its commitment to doing the right thing while providing the latest fashion trends.

Check out the entire Stay Loose/High Loose collection online and follow Levi’s on Facebook and Instagram for more product updates. You can also check out Levi’s Fall/Holiday 2020 collection, Men’s Lookbook, and Women’s Lookbook online for more style inspiration. 

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