Longchamp Loses Its President, Philippe Cassegrain, To COVID-19
Leaving A  Legacy Behind: President of Longchamp Paris Philippe Cassegrain Passes Away Of COVID-19

Leaving A Legacy Behind: President of Longchamp Paris Philippe Cassegrain Passes Away Of COVID-19

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Responsible for leading the family-run leather good company for 60 years, Philippe Cassegrain passes away at age 83 due to COVID-19-related complications.

Charting the many losses that the world and the fashion community took this year due to the coronavirus, it must be said—it has been a tough year, bar none. Today, we remember the legendary career of Philippe Cassegrain who led Longchamp to make its indelible mark on the world. With great sadness, the brand announced the death of their remarkable and tireless leader last November 28th.

A man who traveled around the world to make a head start on Longchamp’s journey at the early age of 16. Cassegrain voyaged with a suitcase in hand containing Longchamp samples. He went to Africa, Asia, and the United States to represent the brand and on behalf of his father. “My mission was to meet with my father’s contacts, I was curious about everything,” he said.

An Inventor and A Passionate Creative

Cassegrain leaves a fond memory to the community as someone who embodied all Longchamp values: sincerity, dynamism, optimism, and particularly creative curiosity. A true inspiration, he will always be the man who started a new era with the development of feminine handbags. Included in his greatest works that we all know of is his construction of the Le Pliage. It’s one of the first bags to be re-imagined that fit every woman. The bag is known for its origami-inspired quality and continues to be a quintessential bag to have today due to its lightness and durability.

The Future of Longchamp

Today, the House remains steadfast in the hands of the third generation of Cassegrain. His eldest son, Jean is the CEO, his daughter, Sophie Delafontaine, the Creative Director, and his younger son, Olivier, leads the brand’s development of American boutiques. Recently, two of his grandsons joined the company: Adrien Cassegrain as Transformation Director and Hector Cassegrain as UK General Manager. The arrival of the 4th generation is the sign of the longevity and invigoration of this French house.