Laura Barber Admits That She Fell Head Over Heels In Paris
Laura Barber Admits That She Fell Head Over Heels In Paris

Laura Barber Admits That She Fell Head Over Heels In Paris

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Ah, Paris, the city of love. A city decorated with quintessentially Parisian cobbled streets, following the decadent aroma of coffee and patisseries as you pass. Paris attracts any and everybody that visits. It’s no wonder Laura Barber found love even in the midst of chaos during her trip to Paris Fashion Week.

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Digistar PH, a specialized management firm focused on today’s digital superstars, brought their ultimate fashion girls–Laura Barber, Jach Manere, Joanna Eden, Christi McGarry, and Georcelle Dapat-Sy to attend Paris Fashion Week. As they immersed themselves in the frenetic city center, there was nothing but gratefulness in Laura’s words as she recalled their trip. “Having grown up in Germany, Paris was never very far away. So, I’d been there a few times, but somehow, this trip still showed me a different side of this beautiful city” she enthuses in this exclusive.

During their trip, the girls went to exclusive previews of Mulberry London and Alan Crocetti’s latest collections. MAC Cosmetics also gave them backstage access at the Beautiful People Show. And of course, what’s a PFW without attending the actual fashion shows?

“Because it was fashion week, it seemed like every single person walking the streets was a style icon. So, my favorite part of the trip was probably people watching, as well as seeing the showrooms. I especially loved the Mulberry showroom!” Laura shares.

Paris is known for its vibrant art scene. May it be landmarks, paintings, or fashion–there’s always something to strike an inspiring nerve. France itself is ultimately rich and alive with history. The French possess a sense of patriotism, an intense affinity for their language and culture, which shows in each important buildings that have the French flags displayed. Alas, to highlight that Paris isn’t just romanticized, but indeed beautiful, the girls did what they do best; pose in front of a camera and show patriotism as well by wearing Filipino designer, Mark Bumgarner’s collection.

Like a literal sweet escape from the bustling city, the girls’ photos turned out like they were the only sight worthy to look at. And we can tell it had a lot to do with Sweet Escape, the AI-driven photography platform that offers photoshoots for any occasion. They’ve got the best rising photographers in the business from all around the world! Which is why celebrities and influencers alike hire Sweet Escape to take their photos as they travel the globe. With over 10,000 photographers under their network, there’s a sure photographer for you.  And you can bet that every penny counts because they can provide an end-to-end infrastructure, including post production of the photos.

The history of the places that the girls visited and the grandiose contrast of their gowns bring about the beauty of Paris and the girls that stood in its streets.

But what really stole Laura Barber’s heart was the French delicacies.

“I must admit, I was head-over-heels for all the amazing food there,” gushes Laura. “Dinner was definitely something to look forward to every day. If given the chance to go back to Paris, I’d definitely put more effort into searching for a cute little family-owned bakery and overindulge in French croissants and crepes!”

Wouldn’t that be the dream?