Kyline Alcantara on Dreams and the Power of Two
Kyline Alcantara on Dreams and the Power of Two

Kyline Alcantara on Dreams and the Power of Two

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“Making a name in showbiz is tough, but making sure that name lasts is tougher.” For her first MEGAStyle cover, Kyline Alcantara shares who the actress is behind the camera, the awkward first stages of being in a love team, and her not-so-secret lesson in making a name for herself

In this day and age, where social media is one to release new names or personalities on the daily, climbing the ladder of success is more difficult than before. While it doesn’t exactly mean that the only way to succeed is through competition, making one’s name stand out in a sea of other hopefuls is not the easiest feat. However, GMA actress Kyline Alcantara, a self-proclaimed dreamer, is a prime example of a young woman on her way to achieving her dreams one by one.

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A head full of dreams

Just like all of us, Kyline also experienced the ups and downs of growing up. She even mentioned how she was exposed to the “reality of life” early on. The only difference is that she underwent all that in front of the cameras. Kyline shared, “I just wanted to help my mom,” when talking about the things she needed to prioritize at a young age.

“I was brought to reality early on in life, so I always feel that I should mature or get [older faster] so I can do more for my family and, in the process, I sort of took my childhood for granted.”

Kyline Alcantara on wanting to have embraced her childhood even more

But giving us an idea of her playful personality when she was even younger, she let MEGAStyle know that way before all of the glammed up looks we see on red carpet events or even her Instagram feed, Kyline was, according to her, “super boyish.” She recalled that she preferred buying and playing with toys “meant” for boys like NERF guns over supposed girly dolls like Barbie.


Describing who she is at present, Kyline said that she’s still that same girl who left the province of Bicol, Albay at four years old to achieve her dreams of making it in the big city. Now a 20-year old star with a huge following, she’s fully aware that given her job as an actress and the fact that social media doesn’t really show the real us, people mistake her as someone who is mean or snobby when in reality, she’s the exact opposite. “[The] thing is, sobrang kalog at maloko ako. Once you get to know me, sobrang cowboy ko. I love to do weird and stupid things with my friends.” And this is what Kyline would love everyone to know about her—a girl who isn’t afraid to get candid and playful with those close to her.

“I’m still that girl who is full of dreams and aspirations. I have achieved and completed some, but there is still a lot left to fulfill—so I dream on.”

Kyline Alcantara on still being that dream-filled girl

Together for the ride

When one hears the name Kyline Alcantara, it’s usually followed by that of her love team’s: Mavy Legaspi. The concept of a love team, while not exactly a big thing in the showbiz industry of other countries such as the United States or South Korea, is incredibly significant in ours. There’s so much hype, love, and magnitude that surrounds a love team in the hopes that these on-screen couples we’re rooting for actually end up together in real life, especially if the chemistry we see on TV or in their movies can be so convincing.

Dress by RICA RICO

The same support goes for Kyline and Mavy, more commonly known as MavLine, who have been a love team for over a year now after joining the cast of I Left My Heart in Sorsogon starring Heart Evangelista, Richard Yap, and Paolo Contis in 2021. But according to Kyline, she never saw their tandem coming from a mile away. “I never thought na I would have the chance to work with Mavy before, let alone love team pa. My team up with Mavy came as a pleasant surprise.”

Even though love teams are so common in the local entertainment industry, it doesn’t automatically mean it starts off very easily and naturally. The young actress shared that it was somewhat scary at first because of this uncertainty that every new love team has in the beginning: will the fans like it? Apart from that, the two were also a bit awkward with each other since they were already friends at that point. However, she acknowledged the ease that comes with working with Mavy, along with the guidance of those around them, which greatly helped in the success of the first show they were on together. They now even have their own vodcast called MavLine on Me with Mavy and Kyline, and are on their way to starring in their very first show with the two of them as the main leads.

“I think [it was an] adjustment talaga to be in [a love team] since I am used [to being by myself]. But sabi nga nila, two is better than one, ‘di ba? So far, we are enjoying this journey with our Sunflowers, Blue Hearts, and Wallflowers.”

Kyline Alcantara on her journey with love team partner Mavy Legaspi and their fans

Looking forward

Sometimes, being in a love team limits an actor within just that bubble. But for Kyline, a wide spectrum of opportunities awaits. “I would love to try writing my own film or series someday. Probably [even] start a business. And, if kaya pa and by God’s grace, maybe go back to singing and release an album again to pay homage to my Papa Ben (maternal grandfather).” With these hopes and dreams in mind, it’s only a matter of time until the young star reaches greater heights.

Talking about the future, Kyline confidently shared with MEGAStyle that in 20 years, she would have learned a lot by then. “I hope [future Kyline] will get to teach [those lessons] to her kids if palarin, but if not, then she can still teach them to her loved ones or her audience—praying that I will still be acting [around] that time.”

“She is here to stay. She may experience the highs and lows of this industry, but one thing is for sure: she is here to stay [as] she has a lot to give.”

Kyline Alcantara on solidifying her stay in the industry

To officially close her first ever cover for MEGAStyle, she is leaving everyone with some wise words that we’re sure is also a lesson she learned throughout her journey in showbiz: “‘Trying hard’ is not an ugly term—it is beautiful. I don’t know why some see it as a negative and derogatory term [because] to me, it is beautiful and inspiring. If something [didn’t] work out the way you wanted it to be [even if] you wanted it so bad, are you going to let it go or try harder? If I did not try hard during the lows in my life, [then] I may not be on this cover, right?”


She’s only in her early twenties, and yet Kyline Alcantara has already proven that a young girl with a dream can achieve it by showing gratitude to those around her, by being hopeful of what the future holds, and simply by trying hard.

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