Kyla Zuñiga Shares What’s It Like To Get Married During Quarantine

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Owner of Undo Clothing Kyla Zuñiga walks us through the whimsical beauty of getting hitched amidst the quarantine. 

A wedding takes months of planning, where it is absolutely imperative to take into account all the details needed for it to be perfect. After all, we normally get married only once in our lives. So, for every bride and groom, they are faced with a big dilemma—the location of the ceremony, the date, the ring, and most importantly, the wedding gown.

However, with the unforeseen pandemic that put the entire globe in various levels of lockdown, countless weddings have been rescheduled for the meantime. And honestly speaking, it’s really heartbreaking to know that a lot of our beloved friends or family had to postpone their declaration of love, exchanging of vows, and of course, wearing their gorgeous designer gowns as they walk down the aisle.

Now, while the majority of couples have decided to postpone their ceremonies indefinitely, there are still couples who took the leap of faith and still got married during the quarantine. One of which was Kyla Zuñiga and Robi Salas.

Kyla Zuñiga (MEGA Stylephile, January 2016)

Featured as MEGA’s Stylephile in January 2016, one would already notice her steadfast individualistic nature. From her courageous step of going into the world of fashion as a teen, knowing her fashion philosophy at an early age, and now, leading a successful local fashion brand garbing the modern Filipinas of today, we can finally say that Kyla has become a certified MEGA woman.

Kyla and Robi have been together for six years before getting married. And their initial plan was to actually celebrate their wedding abroad. “We were planning to have an intimate destination wedding with our immediate families and best friends. We thought of renting a small castle-like Airbnb in the suburbs of Italy,” she shares to MEGA.

Kyla Zuñiga Married During Quarantine

However, with the pandemic still in full force, traveling wasn’t just feasible for everyone. Regardless of that, Kyla and Robi realized what matters most. “Due to the current situation, we [still] decided to push through with it because we couldn’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together,” Kyla says. “Who knows how long this pandemic is going to last? What’s important is we get to be together during these trying times.”

But, of course, there were still challenges that the couple encountered preparing for their big day. “One of the challenges was buying the stuff we needed for our wedding. We can’t be complacent going out buying and looking for suppliers given the current situation. We had to be extra careful because we’ll be celebrating it with our families, and the last thing that we want to happen is getting [them] infected,” she explains.

Another challenge they faced was looking for a place to get married. Although this may be, it seems that luck is truly on their side proving that love will always prevail. Even if it was hard to look for an available court or city hall for their civil wedding, fortunately, a slot opened at the Court of Appeals for the two to declare their love.

For their wedding, Kyla opted to wear a simple yet sophisticated double-breasted white suit over a lace top teamed with a high-waisted skirt. According to the newly-wedded bride, “I’ve always wanted to wear a power suit for my wedding. So, when we decided to do a civil wedding, it was just the perfect outfit.” And finally, to impeccably complete her look, she wore white pumps and a white Panama hat with a tulle veil accent.

Robi, on the other hand, looked like a dashing gent in a white linen suit blazer and trousers over a cream-colored top. And to keep his ensemble modern, which is fitting during this time, he wore one of New Balance’s coveted classic sneakers: the Made in USA 990v5.

Now, after their successful intimate civil wedding at court, Kyla also shares to us that once the pandemic is finally gone, their families still want to push through with a grand celebration. “Our families wanted to have a bigger celebration once everything is back to normal,” she says. “But if we were to decide, we couldn’t be any happier just celebrating the most important day of our lives with our loved ones in a very romantic and intimate setting.”

In the long run, what the wedding of Kyla and Robi reminds us is regardless of any circumstances any couples would face in their lifetime, both of them must act on it and help each other through the ups and downs. After all, you cannot have a good marriage without putting in the time and energy to make it work. And that’s exactly what the two have done. Find a way to still make their wedding possible, and most importantly, willingly do it together—because that’s true love.