Kristine Dee’s Jewelry Collection Will Make You Stand Out This Holiday Season

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Another year, another stunning collection. It has been 15 years since joailliere Kristine Dee had her very first jewelry exhibit, and from there on, she made sure to make it an annual event. As she is known for her fine craftsmanship with the use of fine, precious materials, her latest collection called “Faces of Beauty” brings out the most positive emotions and sophisticated aura of each beholder.

Kristine shared that she dedicates her latest fine jewelry pieces to her clientele “because each one of us is beautiful. We may all look different and have different body types and facial structures but there is always one thing that is beautiful in each of us.” After all, she realized that if there is a common denominator among them it would be their love for stunningly unique things that makes them stand out.

As Faces of Beauty is beauty expressed in different personas, all her fine jewelry were created through a mix of contemporary, classic and feminine pieces. “These are the different types of ladies I have gotten to to know over the years,” Kristine explained.

So as she remarkably fused and impeccably balanced modern sophistication with classic beauty, played on proportions, color combinations and texture, she is able to make every lady be confidently beautiful the moment she stands out from the crowd. Quoting Kristine, “my goal is for (my clients) to feel their most beautiful the moment they put my pieces on. Because when you feel beautiful, you are confident.”

Discover more of her Faces of Beauty Collection at One McKinley Place, BGC Taguig. For inquiries, email the team at [email protected] Follow Kristine Dee on Instagram @kristinedeejewelry.