We Found The Perfect Matte Lipsticks and It's By Kris Aquino
We Found The Perfect Matte Lipsticks and It’s By Kris Aquino

We Found The Perfect Matte Lipsticks and It’s By Kris Aquino

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It seems as if Kris Aquino has done it all—from being an actress to a celebrated television host to a loving mother to her two children. Just recently, however, the star has revealed another first: a collaboration with one of the country’s leading cosmetics brands, Ever Bilena.

Entitled Kris Life Kits, the collaboration focuses on facial features she believes all Filipinas should highlight: the eyebrows and lips. At her launch in La Vita at Marina Bay, Kris revealed the relatable reason why she worked extra hard on producing her matte lipsticks.

“I have a problem with matte, and I’m sure you’ve all experienced this,” begins Kris, “You’re not kissable pag matte ang lipstick mo. It really dries your lips.”

A closer look at her much-awaited line with Ever Bilena introduces us to two types of comfortable matte lipsticks. The first is the Matte Matic Lipstick (P245), an all-occasion lippie that finishes off with a matte yet moisturizing, balmy texture. If you want something slightly more intense, go for the long-lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick (P255). With an easy wand-like applicator, you can quickly apply the product, which sits comfortably on your lips the entire day!

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Last but definitely not the least, Kris’ makeup line features the Matte Brow Liner and Brow Mascara (P275), a product that sits true with her personal beauty motto: “Kilay is life!” The dual-ended product helps you expertly line then groom the brows with a mascara, making busy mornings all the more easier for you.

If you want to learn more about the Kris Life Kits, head over to everbilena.com.ph.