Whatever The Weather, This Is The Only Moisturizer Every Traveler Needs
Whatever The Weather, This Is The Only Moisturizer Every Traveler Needs

Whatever The Weather, This Is The Only Moisturizer Every Traveler Needs

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Is your skin hydrated and strong enough to withstand the hottest and coldest of weather? Here’s where and how you can test your skin under extreme temperature. 

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In a place where the temperature is dropping too high or too low, our skin can easily dry out. We can’t let that happen. After all, we need our skin to be always picture perfect. If you’re the type who loves to travel a lot, then you should work on a skincare routine that can bear up against all kinds of season, from summer to winter.

You don’t have to go to Antarctica for the polar ice or to Sahara for the subtropical experience just yet, because Kiehl’s lets you test your skin in their Desert and Arctic rooms installations inspired by hot and humid Morocco and Scandinavian ice caves only in Glorietta Activity Center until February 4, 2020. With their Ultra Facial Cream for dry skin and Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cream for normal to oily skin, confidently test the limits of your well-hydrated skin.

Here’s what you have to do: first, approach any Kiehl’s Customer Representatives and have your skin checked. According to your skin results, KCRs will recommend an ideal skincare routine for you where you can also receive free samples. For a limited time only, you can score exclusive discounts on your cult favorites when you purchase skincare items at their weeklong pop-up.

For your skin to resist any type of weather, it needs to have a strong moisture barrier. For your skin to have a strong moisture barrier, you only need the tried and tested moisturizer worldwide—Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. As the number one best-selling moisturizer in the world, its efficacious formula reduces water loss from the skin and restores moisture balance for 24-hour hydration. It’s also carbamide, T.E.A., and paraben-free.

Living in a tropical country like Philippines where it’s humid all year round, we can be prone to oily skin. Thus, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream is the perfect moisturizer to opt for. This lightweight product has a cooling effect and gives shine-free hydration. In fact, this has become the holy grail product for “anti-moisturizers” since it never leaves a greasy feeling on the skin.

With the innovative hydrating technology of these moisturizers, your skin is ready to combat whatever weather there is in your next travel destination.

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