Which Millennial Trend Do Kianna Dy And Majoy Baron Approve Of?

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Can you guess what millennial trend Kianna Dy and Majoy Baron both approve of?

With so many trends taking over 2018, it’s hard to know which ones are just about hype. So we asked volleyball aces, Kianna Dy and Majoy Baron, to play a quick game of yay or nay. And you wouldn’t believe how similar they are when it comes to style and fashion!
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While Kianna and Majoy seem to have different fashion statements, they both still adore similar fashion and beauty trends from this year.  From drunk blush to slit pants, these athletes also follow trends. But there are some trends that are just not for them. Platinum hair and daywear lingerie don’t seem to be their style.
Want to find out more about the Kianna and Majoy-approved trends? Check out the video below!