KC Concepcion Has One Person She's Excited To Meet At The #MEGAMillennialBall

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KC Concepcion was all glammed up and excited at the #MEGAMillennialBall for one particular person she’s been dying to meet!
More than just the daughter of Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta, we have all seen how KC Concepcion has grown to become a person of her own. Now, she is ruling the world of fashion by designing and creating fine jewelry. With her network, it’s hard to tell that there are still people she’s been dying to meet. And as a complete fan, KC took the opportunity to finally meet one of her favorite designers!
At the red carpet, KC Concepcion is all smiles as she answers the questions of our correspondent Michelle Dee. From talking about the theme, witness how KC Concepcion turns to a total fangirl as she does the rest of the interview with the designer of her attire!

Filipino Exposure

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All eyes are on KC Concepcion as she walks down the runway in her Furne One dress. Exuding class, KC didn’t fail to follow the theme “Maximum Exposure”. And when asked about it, the jewelry designer cleverly relates how Filipinos are getting maximum exposure around the world from different industries including fashion, just like Furne One!

Furne, Finally!

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As the interview continues, KC shares that she has been wanting to meet Furne One. She adds that she loves Dubai yet she hasn’t met the Dubai-based designer yet. And so she seizes the opportunity to finally meet the genius himself, Furne One, at the #MEGAMillennialBall.
Want to hear it from KC Concepcion herself? Watch the video below for the exclusive #MEGAMillennialBall red carpet interview with correspondent Michelle Dee: