Kathryn Bernardo's Ultimate Beauty Hack Will Leave You Cold—Literally!

A beauty hack from the beauty herself.

Celebrities carry with them that certain aura that makes them stand out—and Kathryn Bernardo is no exception. With her youthful glow and bright energy, one can’t help but wonder what’s the beauty hack to achieve Kathryn’s effortless beauty.
At the launch of her collaboration make-up line with Happy Skin, we sat down with the Teen Queen herself and asked what her ultimate beauty secret is.
So, what is it? Surprisingly, the star revealed that it’s ice! She gamely shared that before applying any make-up on, she takes time to apply ice or a cold towel on her face. She leaves it on for a glowing, poreless look—the extremely cold temperature closes your pores!
Ice applied to your face not only reduces the appearance of pores, it also lessens oil production, giving you a matte yet glowing look.

With skin like this, you bet we’re stocking up on ice.


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