Join These Personalities On This Fun Island Getaway In Aqua Boracay
Join These Personalities On This Fun Island Getaway In Aqua Boracay

Join These Personalities On This Fun Island Getaway In Aqua Boracay

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Seems like the hottest party destination is returning to the most beautiful island in the archipelago, this time with a new gem of a resort in Aqua Boracay.

Here’s a fact: there are beaches for everyone, especially in a geographically-rich country such as the Philippines. But if you’re looking for a romantic and serene getaway, you still have the Maldives. Looking forward to party hard like it’s the end of the world? Then enjoy Bali’s unending nightlife. And if you just want a quick escape to a breathtaking beach from all the stress? Have your three-day vacation in El Nido, Palawan.

However, what if you want all of it–a romantic setting on an island, a thumping nightlife, and a swift getaway that will surely fit your tight schedule? Fortunately, Boracay is slowly and surely getting its groove back after almost a year-long hiatus for its much-needed rehabilitation. With a newly resuscitated lifeline for one of the world’s most-visited island, there are many things to see and do, all while getting that much needed R&R. Now, all that and more lies in one expansive enclave, Aqua Boracay.

Paradise Beach

Located at Bulabog beach in Boracay, a hop and skip from the main strip of the island, this newly erected luxurious resort has it all—from a lush spa, classy restaurant, to over-the-top suites. Primarily inspired by the ever-present grandeur of the lavish resorts in Bali, Miami, and Ibiza, Aqua Boracay is perfect for the epicurean lifestyle that fits right in the world’s best.

Issa Pressman struck a pose donning an animal-printed two-piece swimsuit paired with black joggers at Bulabog Beach in front of Aqua Boracay.

This world-class resort has 138 rooms available, varying from a deluxe room, premier suite, to a 550 square-meter space with your own private pool overlooking the beach. And unlike any other resort, Aqua Boracay boasts of its upscale furniture and interiors specially designed by renowned designer Vito Selma and architect Ed Calma respectively.

Having the time of her life in Aqua Boracay, Kaila Estrada shows us a glimpse of her chic one-bedroom premier suite.

Since you’re in one of the top beaches in the globe, it’s only fitting to indulge yourself with a wide range of cuisines. From Spanish, Mediterranean, and Filipino, the mouthwatering gastronomic delights served at The Sexy Pool Menu of the Day Club and Sea.Food by the internationally-renowned chef, Chele Gonzales, and QTCHN’s all-day dining will surely give your palate a wonderful ride and a happy dance for good measure.

L-R: Cassandra Laforteza, Jach Manere, Laura Barber, John Lozano, Christi McGarry, Eduardo Lara, and Kaila Estrada.

Fueled up for the whole day? Then get on an adventure and try Boracay’s water sports such as kite surfing or windsurfing. The best thing about being located on the undisturbed Bulabog beach is that it is the best place for water activities. In fact, it’s one of the best kiteboarding and windsurfing destinations in Asia. That’s also why a lot of athletes go here to practice and prepare for competitions.

Christi McGarry commands everyone’s attention as she wore a high-waisted two-piece swimsuit paired with her red-tinted sunnies.

Finally, cap off your day at their lush spa called The Mist, which will rejuvenate your sanguine spirit. The moment you arrive, you’ll be welcomed with a fresh cold green juice and a cold towel. Then once you’ve chosen your preferred essential oil for your massage, head on to your room and be prepared to get recharged with their world-class therapeutic services.

Digital style stars Vern and Verniece Enciso kept things classic in a black and white number at the day club in Aqua Boracay.

Welcome To Ibiza

Redefining the best tropical getaway in the Philippines, Aqua Boracay offers a one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to partying. At Boracay’s first-ever day club, you can hang out with your friends from high noon to sunset whilst listening to cool music and savoring mouthwatering food by Chef Chele. So, chill by the pool facing the beach and sip your favorite cocktails—whether it’s the Wine Basil, Aqua Sour, or the quintessential Piña Colada in your stylish swimwear and sunnies, of course.

Aqua Boracay’s Ibiza Suite

But if you’re looking forward to throwing the most iconic party on the whole island, then this resort has the answer. Mount an epic scene at the best suite on the whole island of Boracay called the “Ibiza Suite.” Spanning 550 square meters, you have your own private pool and bar, a handful of sun loungers, and a view overlooking the whole resort and beach.

Giving us no less than a hint of sultriness while keeping it sophisticated, #NadineLustre donned a white ribbed top complemented by a white two-piece swimsuit at the huge balcony of the Miami Suite.

As a matter of fact, we witnessed several of our favorite style stars party from day to night. So, get to party like your favorite personalities who showed up recently for a night of drinks and dancing—from the likes of James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion, Issa Pressman, and Vern and Verniece Enciso.

The celebration started at the day club where everyone began to let loose. And with an overflowing amount of tequila, bourbon, and vodka,  the festivities didn’t stop just because the sun had set already. With the night still young, all of the celebrities continued the revelry at the Ibiza suite where the Careless Music Manila performed and turned the epic party upside down.


So, with all of that, what more can we really ask for? Consider this an invite to head on to Aqua Boracay to experience all the world has to offer, from a relaxing off-the-grid recharge to a riveting party with the azul skies, cerulean seas, white sand, and verdant palm trees as your backdrop. We’re already daydreaming of our next trip to the island, and hopefully, we get to see you as we bask in the glint and gleam of the sun from this corner of the Philippines.

Photography by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100.