How Jerome Salaya Ang Continues To Innovate After More Than A Decade In The Industry

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It’s been more than 10 years since Jerome Salaya Ang dabbled in the fashion industry. Starting his career at a young age, he took baby steps to leave his mark. Kickstarting his career with avant-garde designs, his name rose to fame and he has gradually become a crowd favorite. Drawing attention with his dramatic creations, Jerome has succeeded in making a name for himself.

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Following his career, it’s still a mystery how he constantly comes up with designs that surprise us. From doing experimental designs, he has now dipped into creating ready-to-wear pieces. According to Jerome, being the industry constantly calls for shifts. Not only does he have to do a lot of research, he also has to be moving with time. “When you’re doing fashion shows, you are obliged [and] inclined to be more innovative,” he shares.

From this, Jerome doesn’t see his brand on a steady state. Just like his transition from inventive designs, he sees himself doing more wearable pieces now and the near future. Jerome will definitely keep creating clothes fit for every Filipina women. This only gets us even more excited for his future collections.

Photography by Yukie Sarto