Jane De Leon Goes On A Mall Trip With A Cuddly Companion

Leaving home again? Let your best buddy go out and live the new normal with you with pet-friendly stores and activities at Robinsons Malls

After almost a year into a community quarantine, cities are slowly shifting into the dynamic lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to. More and more places are opening and businesses are regaining traction, all while keeping safety in mind. But as we grab our masks and shields to spend some time outside, let’s not forget about those who have become our all-day companions for months on end–our pets.

When we find ourselves taking a trip to the mall for shopping, comfort dining, or just simply a change of scenery, why not tag our fur babies along? Just as much as we have been cooped up in our rooms, our pets need to stretch their muscles and safely enjoy the outdoors, too. Robinsons Malls carries this same vision as they open the doors of select malls nationwide to our pets as they accompany us and liven up our day. The high-spirited Jane de Leon takes a tour of Robinsons Magnolia as she shops around and plays at the Pet Park.

Robinsons Magnolia is a proud home to the Pet Park, an enclosed space filled with obstacles, courses, and play areas for you and your best bud to run about and enjoy. A perfect spot from small to medium sized dogs, the Pet Park features a ball pit for your dog to prance about in, an incline for them to strut their stuff, a tunnel to practice a few “come” and “go” commands, and multi-level platforms for additional exercise. In just a couple of steps from the Pet Park, an open field right at the heart of the Magnolia complex is another place for you and your pet to roam around, whether through a casual walk or sprints. Jane managed to meet a few friends and their best buddies in the field, and everyone got a chance to run around and play.

As you stroll around the mall’s indoors, watch out for storefront stickers that say “Pets are welcome here.” These serve as go-signals to have your pet tag along on a leash or swaddle in your arms as you shop to your heart’s content. And to continuously foster a safe and sanitary environment for all mall goers, all pets are required to be on a leash or in a carrier, and must be wearing diapers at all times.

The Robinsons Happy Pets Club ID

When you visit a Robinsons Mall, make sure to present proof of your pet’s updated vaccination records. But for a hassle-free trip, bringing your pet to a Robinsons Mall has been made easier with the Happy Pets Club (HPC) ID. For regulars, getting the HPC ID is as easy as filling out the application form at the concierge, presenting updated vaccination records, and prepping up your pet for a photo. Once you have the card on hand, just present it at the mall’s entrance and you’re all cleared to tag your best bud along. During her Robinsons Magnolia trip, Jane got her very own HPC card and malling has been a breeze, so make sure to apply for yours too!

Georgette on the fields of Robinsons Magnolia

Whether it’s grabbing a plate of your favorite comfort food, checking out the newest collections from your favorite clothing brands, or scouting for the latest gadgets, let your fur baby enjoy a paw-tastic new normal with you at Robinsons Magnolia, the Pet Park, and at a pet-friendly Robinsons Mall near you.

Follow Robinsons Malls on Facebook and make sure to visit their website for more information, and to be updated on when a Pet Park will be coming to a Robinsons Mall near you.

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