Out of Hiding: iWhite Korea Ensures We Confidently Emerge From the Shadows - Beauty
Out of Hiding: iWhite Korea Ensures We Confidently Emerge From the Shadows

Out of Hiding: iWhite Korea Ensures We Confidently Emerge From the Shadows

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Through iWhite Korea and their three skincare lines, we step out of our comfort zones as we bid farewell to shyness and discomfort

While it seems like there are a lot of people who were born to stand out under the spotlight, others tend to be more timid than usual. Instead of wanting to be part of memories taken through photos, we end up taking pictures of other people instead. Our lack of confidence becomes the main source of our shyness, which pushes us to lie low even further–but not anymore. Gone are the days where we would hide behind the lens of every enjoyable moment because iWhite Korea, one of the first Korean skincare brands in the Philippines, is empowering us to be more confident than ever.

East Asian roots

Despite the perceived notion of the brand name, iWhite Korea doesn’t create products for the main intention of whitening the skin. The placement of “i” at the beginning of its name corresponds to the saying of “Put yourself first”, and that skincare is a way to do that. “White” is derived from the Korean word Malg-eum, which means finding solace in the purity of nature that brings a sense of clarity, and the brand’s founders believe that the term “white” is the perfect way to describe it. Lastly, the placement of “Korea” at the end simply highlights the origins of the brand since that’s where all products are made and developed.

Being a trusted skincare brand in the country since the 90s, iWhite Korea has understood and catered to the needs of Filipinas with the best that Korean skincare can offer. With three skincare lines under its roster, namely the Daily Skincare Line, Acne+ Skincare Line, and Power Brightening Line, we get to finally put our best skin forward as we step out of the shadows.

Breathin’ blue

A cooling feeling to the touch awaits since the iWhite Korea Daily Skincare Line refreshes the skin and our confidence level like no other. Reveal a natural dewy look with a hydrated finish with this range as it moisturizes the skin even more, making it even healthier than it already is. The Facial Wash Whitening Vita deeply cleanses the face by removing excess oil while giving the skin a lighter complexion. The line’s Extra Pure Toner Essence Whitening Vita increases the skin’s moisture level, and the Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita deeply hydrates the skin with its non-greasy formula that leaves a cool and refreshing feeling after application.

Greenlit dream

There’s no need to be green with envy over those with clear complexion. We can now snap out of the reverie we’re having and shield our own skin from any kind of impurities with iWhite Korea’s Acne+ Skincare Line that ultimately protects the skin’s barrier. The Acne+ Facial Wash calms troubled skin by fighting against acne and blackheads, the Acne+ Toner Essence repairs it by controlling oil and sebum release, and the Acne+ Aqua Moisturizer smoothens all bumps by nourishing and strengthening acne-prone skin we tend to be insecure about.

Pretty in pink

Saying hello to the perfect glow we’ve been longing for is now easier to achieve. The iWhite Korea Power Brightening Skincare Line bids goodbye to dull-looking skin by making it look brighter thanks to its Glow-Up Whip Wash that gives the skin a plump refreshed glow while improving the skin’s elasticity. The Glow-Up Toner Essence keeps the skin firm and vibrant, and the Aqua Moisturizer Glow prevents the formulation of dark spots and uneven skin tone. With this range, we can feel even more powerful and unafraid to step out of our comfort zones.

To know more about how you can finally throw away the insecurities that keep you from standing tall and confident, visit iWhite Korea on Lazada and BeautyMNL. Stay updated on new releases by following them on Facebook.

Creative Direction GARI SY
Photography KIERAN PUNAY
Beauty Direction PEACHES GARCIA and GARI SY
Shoot Coordination ERICA LUNA, MAE TALAID, and MJ ALMERO