Ivana Alawi Shares How She Unexpectedly Built An Online Empire
Ivana Alawi Shares How She Unexpectedly Built An Online Empire

Ivana Alawi Shares How She Unexpectedly Built An Online Empire

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What was supposed to be a glimpse into her daily life turned out to be the best jumpstart Ivana Alawi never expected for her showbiz career.

Upon the start of the new decade, the world of content creation had a surge of individuals wanting to pave way their own career the saturated digital space. Many have always thought that having your own channel on YouTube can give you “easy money.” While technically true, what hundreds of them tend to forget is that creating quality content is never that simple.

Every content creator knows how difficult it is to transform ideas into resonant stories. While the creative equation of producing content tells us to plan it properly, it seems like there’s something else other creators are missing for it to perform successfully. And here’s one question that keeps on being asked by many: What is the secret to creating quality content?

To finally settle this, Ivana Alawi, one of the most successful personalities on YouTube, shares the key to making your dreams a reality. Like countless aspiring content creators, our cover star also had someone who encouraged her to start vlogging—her very own little sister, Mona Alawi. “I just did what I usually do in our house. As I looked out the window, saw that the sun was out, and the weather was perfect for my clothes to quickly dry, I just decided to film my daily routine,” the beauty recalls. “But I never expected that vlog to go viral, [because] I actually don’t consider myself a celebrity.”

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Your Regular Gal

“I am just like you guys! I just enjoy what I do,” the young star humbly claims. Although this may be, what then caught the attention of millions of people and ended up garnering 24 million views to date?

“Authenticity is really important. Being genuine with the viewers and be yourself,” Ivana Alawi shares. “I actually never plan videos. It’s mostly natural or I just do whatever comes to my mind that day.” You see, the days of glossy photographs and highly-edited films just don’t seem relatable anymore for the majority of digital consumers. While it is in fact made with the utmost attention to the littlest of details, people are now looking for content that is raw, because they can easily connect to that.

So, if you’ll look at Ivana’s A Day In My Life Challenge vlog, one probable reason that she attracted these millions of viewers is that she showed everyone that it is possible for an heir of a great fortune from her Moroccan dad to also do her own laundry under the sun, without even acting like a spoiled brat being forced to do her own chores. She was simply enjoying her time alone and doing her thing.

And as she kept on doing what she does best—being herself every single day—she has already accumulated more than 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel in only 14 months. It is an excellent feat only a few Filipino content creators were able to achieve as of today. And this only leaves Ivana Alawi unexpectedly building her very-own digital empire. More than that, she’s the most searched female personality in Yahoo search for 2020, beating both local and international stars.

Now that she knows that being her true self is the best way to forge her own path and #StayBrilliant, she firmly told her manager, Perry Lansigan, that “if I give showbiz another try, I now want to be who I really am. I don’t want to be pabebe or pa sweet.” Because at the end of the day, what truly matters for Ivana Alawi is to always make people happy, and help those in need by sharing all the blessings she received since that’s who she is—no more, no less.

Photography BJ PASCUAL
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Shot on location at MARRIOT HOTEL MANILA
Special thanks to PAOLO LUCIANO