It’s Just A Number: Three Age-Defying Women Who Continue To Amaze

Age is not a signifier of what you can and cannot do, much more what you should look like. These celebs show that they can defy time itself!

In the ever-changing entertainment industry, it can be tough for stars to remain shining bright under the spotlight. As they age, the glimmer of their presence can start to fade. But for a select few, their beauty continues to radiate across crowds and audiences over the years. We’ve rounded up three superstar beauties who embody this true timeless beauty with their youthful skin. The term “being past your prime” is gone–it looks like these ladies are still living in theirs.

Cindy Kurleto

The Filipino-Austrian television star has been away from the limelight for more than a decade, but that hasn’t stopped her from staying her true, beautiful self. As a multitalented star across different media industries, Cindy surely had her fair share of packed days and sleepless nights. Now, she works a different job–being a loving wife and mother to both of her daughters. These shifts in priorities meant that she was able to build stronger relationships with her family and live a healthier lifestyle while at it. But amid the household responsibilities, Cindy ensures that her age-defying beauty and allure are in check as it helps her land modelling and acting projects–actually, she recently landed a major on-screen role. And keeping her youthful skin always radiant is important, especially as a role model for her growing children and for full-time mothers everywhere.


A mainstay on stage, with a mic in hand and cameras at every angle, Karylle isn’t shy of the eyes that are stunned during her performances or the ears that listen to her music. A multi-talented performer, having bagged awards from her acting career and recorded studio albums that have achieved gold and platinum status, she continuously evolves her craft. Yet between hosting grand events and performing with her husband on touring stages, Karylle finds time to care for her beauty and wellness, keeping her youthful skin free from fine lines and dark spots. And as people await for her next big project or the release of her newest single, Karylle can rest assured that her skin won’t be an issue as the years go by.

Sunshine Cruz

Just as it is written in her Instagram bio, Sunshine prides herself in being a diligent and hard-working mother to her three daughters. Her soulful serenades warm the hearts of many, and her prowess in front of the camera has garnered her multiple successful roles in soap operas. As an avid vacationeer, health enthusiast, and on-stage performer, Sunshine always maintains an aura of glamour, and it starts with her skin. It can get tough to maintain her skin’s fairness as she ages, but she manages to do so with minimal effort, giving her more time for family and keeping her open for more projects that showcase her talents.

Standout beauties and talented–these are the words that tie these three wonder women together. Even amid their varied sets of expertise, their beauty has remained a priority. But with a lifestyle that’s on-the-go, these women tend to have a rinse-and-repeat makeup routine and constantly shift from indoor to outdoor environments. Luckily, they have a constant and always-ready skin care partner to keep up with their schedules and maintain their age-defying youthful skin.

Myra Ultimate has been their go-to beauty supplement that helps fight the signs of skin ageing. Contained in every capsule is astaxanthin, an antioxidant extracted from freshwater microalgae that’s vital for the skin’s nutrition. Skin ageing is inevitable, but with Myra Ultimate, skin can stay youthful for longer. Now, these ladies can take on more opportunities that come their way and continue to push that age is just a number.

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