Is Korean Celebrity Son Ye Jin Crash Landing In The Philippines Soon?

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Looks like Captain Ri isn’t going be alone in the Philippines because Yoon Se-Ri is also tagging along.

Following the Hyun Bin Phenomenon, another Korean celebrity will be more than just making the buzz across the Philippines as Crash Landing On You star Son Ye Jin is the next endorser of SMART Telecommunications. It was only on Saturday, August 1, that the network revealed a short teaser wherein a dauntless woman motorbike zipped across the metropolis. And if we may add, in such a bad-ass way, too.

But here’s the catch: They left everyone a hint with their hashtag “SeRiyouslySmart,” ending the video with “SOON” but one O was translucent—both of which alluding to the star’s character name in CLOY and her real name, respectively.

CLOY Son Ye Jin Yoon Seri

Finally, after days of anticipating the big reveal, MEGA got the chance to meet Captain Ri’s lover via a live show in an exclusive Facebook group. The moment Son Ye-Jin appeared on our screens, everyone was easily captivated by her beauty. “As an actress, I am always grateful for having a platform to entertain and touch the lives of others through my craft,” shares Son Ye-Jin. That’s why she expressed her delight because now she can easily reach out to her Filipino fans. Making things even more exciting for loyal fans and followers of the celebrated series, apparently, she might be visiting the Philippines soon.

CLOY Yon Se Jin Yoon Seri SMART

During the show, the network’s SVP for and Head of Consumer Wireless Business Jane Basas shared that their contract with Son Ye-Jin is the same as Hyun Bin’s. And in that agreement, they will have to show up in three events (of course, perhaps once the Philippines has flattened the curve of the coronavirus pandemic). In fact, according to the telco’s President and CEO Alfred Panlilio, Son Ye-Jin is actually excited about this project because she knows how beautiful the Philippines is given that she went to Palawan 10 years ago.

While a considerable wait will be upon us before we finally get to see the lovely couple of CLOY in real life, as they wouldn’t be traveling to the Philippines just yet, we can only say for now that we can’t wait to see them in person. Echoing Son Ye-Jin’s final words, “I wish to see you all soon.”