Is Benefit’s Bold New Mascara Worth The Hype? We Tested To Find Out! -
Is Benefit’s Bold New Mascara Worth The Hype? We Tested To Find Out!

Is Benefit’s Bold New Mascara Worth The Hype? We Tested To Find Out!

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With much hype surrounding the launch of the Benefit’s brand new BADgal BANG! mascara, we couldn’t help but give it an immediate trial run!
Finding the perfect mascara can get a little frustrating at times. For many of us, a product that is smudge-proof, volumizing and clump-free (yes, all at the same time) would be ideal. Thankfully, we seem to have found an answer to that.
Just when you thought Benefit Cosmetics couldn’t come up with a bigger and badder mascara, they surprise us with their BADgal BANG! Not only amazingly volumizing, their latest product claims to stay on for 36 hours, keeping your lashes gorgeous the entire day.
For a mascara lover such as myself, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the product. So we immediately gave it a whirl. Upon trying it, I thought to myself, This just might be their best mascara yet.

While I don’t have a problem with the length of my lashes, they aren’t as naturally thick. What is great about the product is that is has a 360 degree reach with its slim blush that allows for easy application from the root to the tip. Instantly, my lashes doubled in volume.

I like curling my lashes to wake up my eyes even more. But when I tried the BADgal BANG! on my other eye without an eyelash curler, I found that it was still able to lift my lashes and get the exact same result! For girls on-the-go, this will surely be your best friend!
The Bolder the Better: Why We're Obsessed with Benefit's BADgal BANG!
The result? Fuller lashes that are the farthest thing from clumpy and smudgy. The product does a fantastic job of opening up one’s eyes, definitely adding a touch of drama to any look. Trust me–the BADgal BANG! should definitely be on your must-have list whether you’re a mascara gal. And if you’re not? Give this product a try and you just might turn into a convert.

Photos by RJ Roque