Introducing #Shelfie—The New Instagram Skin Care Trend We Never Thought We Needed

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This new Instagram trend just passed a million mark on Instagram and you wouldn’t want to be left out!

A new skincare trend has been blowing up the internet. And no, it’s not simply a matter of routine. Behold, #Shelfie! This new trend just passed a million mark on Instagram and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. But what’s a #Shelfie, anyway?
If you look up the trend, you would see a bunch of photos with shelves as subjects. But aside from bookshelves, medicine boxes have taken over the tag as well. #Shelfies display photos of people’s skincare products. It’s safe to say that the new trend is a window into every people’s skincare routine.


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You don’t have to be an influencer to take a #Shelfie. But it’s also preferable to show which brands you’re using to help guide people better through your routine. Just like LA-based actor and writer, Justin Alexander. He posted his medicine cabinet under the hashtag, showing “all of the products I can’t live without.” And that couldn’t be more relatable. Take the photo as a quick skincare tip: use the same brand or line of skincare products.

Skincare > Makeup

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A lot of the posts under the hashtag encourage people to spend more on skincare than makeup. One post says, “No matter what high-end foundation you buy if your skin is in bad shape, it can only go so far.” And we couldn’t agree more.

More Than Vanity

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All vanity aside, Shelfies encourage everyone to let people in on their skincare routines. There could only be four skin types but the product effects vary for many. Sharing photos of their shelves will ultimately guide people on the right products to use for which skin type. More than getting in on the trend, this could help a lot of people in picking the perfect routine for them!

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