Inside the Extraordinary World of Creative Hair Artist Jessica Kramm
Inside the Extraordinary World of Creative Hair Artist Jessica Kramm

Inside the Extraordinary World of Creative Hair Artist Jessica Kramm

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Hair is our ID. It reflects our lifestyle, fashion, religion, and so much more. In fact, it is an extension of our personality,” says creative hair artist, Jessica Kramm

There is certainly a fascination with destiny in the privacy of our minds. In theory, it is a universal experience in life—but is it really? No one knows. In spite of the uncertainty, destiny has become the romantic explanation of why life-changing situations arrive at a specific time and place. It’s magical, but it’s not wise to blindly depend on the idea alone. At the end of the day, numerous factors such as choices, actions, and behavior shape one’s future. 

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Call it fate, but in the early days, young Jessica Kramm found herself at the right place at the right time. “I was 15 and joined a friend who had an interview at a Sassoon Salon in Berlin. She was very shy and I accompanied her,” her heart for storytelling radiates as she disclosed her beginnings. “When I entered the salon—OMG an emptiness I had I did not know, was suddenly full! The sounds, the people, the looks, the outfits, the cool talk, and the leisure-like atmosphere hugged me weirdly, inside-out. I knew instantly I want to be one of them!” She excitedly continued sharing her story, saying, “One year later, I finished high school and started my apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon and stayed with the company for more than 20 years.” 

Destiny might have played a role in the hair artist’s life but her passion, creativity, and hardwork made her one of the most notable artists in her field. Below, we explore her beauty beginnings, her love for her craft, and her impact on the industry.

Meet Jessica Kramm 

Jessica Kramm is one creative hair artist to watch out for. Over the years, she has made a mark for her bold, straightforward, and experimental take on hair. However, entering the beauty industry wasn’t her initial plan. “Oh dear, I badly wanted to become a criminologist! Always hunting for hints, and secrets, solving cases. Now that I know what the reality of it is, I am so thankful I’ve walked into Vidal Sassoon and started hairdressing,” she confessed.

Before diving into her journey in the industry, we also shed light on her personal interests. “My hobbies can be very nerdy. I love gardening, cooking, and baking. I also love diving and beaches, I love a good book, [and] music [has always been] my passion.” As we continued our chat, she also unveiled how she recharges her creative energy. “During my off days, I would go to a good museum and gallery or any exhibition of my interest. Meeting friends and family over a good meal is also as important to me.”

On her craft

Anyone can tell how passionate the creative hair artist is about her craft by the way she talks about it. “Hair is our ID. It reflects our lifestyle, fashion, religion, and so much more,” she shared. “In fact, it is an extension of our personality. It does not define gender, and people should learn to accept that. Let’s be open towards long or short hair stylings, which rather reflect a fashion statement or a personality rather than a gender.”

In history, hair has been used for political statements as well. It is almost religious in other countries, and is treated that way, so let’s not underestimate the importance of hair or the importance of hairdressing.

Jessica Kramm

On her creative process

Jessica Kramm’s impressive portfolio can’t be left unmentioned as it speaks volumes about her expertise. However, if there is another admirable thing about the creative is her creative process. “I have always been curious and look at the details. For me, it really comes from anything. It could be a walk through a city or just daydreaming,” she shared. “Certainly, I am into fashion, art, design, architecture, and photography. Often, it’s a moment that translates a memory and from there, ideas unfold. Inspiration is also imagination! So never stop daydreaming!” 

On her ruminations

The creative hair artist is also making her mark globally. In fact, her passion opened the way for her to work in different countries and cultures. “There are indeed many learnings. For one, talking to a model or client makes a big difference if you are in Asia or Europe. I do see and [have] learned that often, it’s not very common to have a full proper consultation in Asia. Rather, hairstylists express themself or their favorite looks on clients. The trust in the stylist is given and clients just want them to design a look.” 

“Meanwhile, in Germany or UK, the client knows exactly what they want and what they do not want. Less freedom for hairdressers, more demand by clients,” Jessica explained. Despite her collection of passport stamps from around the world, she confessed, “I massively enjoy cutting hair in Asia. It’s a great playground!”

On Filipino hair culture

As the conversation continued, we couldn’t help but look back on the progress of hair culture in the country. Side-fringes and rebond treatments defined the category in the early naughts. At the same time, pixie haircuts and deep berry shades were named the unrivaled statement hair. It’s a given that the culture is not as experimental as before compared to now. However, the new age sparked a movement for fans to be expressive and creative with hair. 

“I have met many cool clients who are very open and keen to stand out and express more who they are in society over their hair. Being a model, DJ, or fashion designer for sure allows you more self-expression and statement in your outer look.” The creative hair artist also shared a piece of advice for anyone who wants to try a creative cut. ”Communicate with your hairdresser and show pictures because language is diverse and can have absolutely different meanings for you as a client or a hairdresser. Point out details you like. Explain your daily hair routine so the cut can be assessed better by the hairdresser. Go for it, try it!”

On her impact on the country’s hair industry 

“I would love to see more education in haircutting,” she opened up. “It would elevate the confidence of the hairdresser to deal with all the beautiful textures of the hair in the Philippines.” Throughout her stay in the country, the creative hairstylist was clear with what she would like to improve on in the hair industry. “While there is beautiful styling done at the salons, too many chemical treatments are used to straighten the hair out.” 

“Often, I feel hairdressers have less confidence in their technique facing wavy or curly hair. But the problem starts with the consultation. We hairdressers are no robots who just follow what clients want. Our job is to teach clients and bring them to awareness of how to treat and style their hair. We are in charge to educate and to give suitable haircuts fitting personality, bone structure, and hair texture. It is unfortunately overly reliant on straightening here. Education is key, education is confidence.” 

On what is next for her career

Jessica Kramm’s heart is in the right place as she envisions what is next for her career. “I have been in the hairdressing industry for 28 beautiful years,” she looked back. “Being with Vidal Sassoon for more than 20 years has shown me how privileged I am to be able to receive and share very good hair education.” The creative hairstylist humbly shared that she is now teaching under her eponymous hair education in Asia and in salons and academies in Europe. 

As we concluded our chat, the creative hair artist unveiled, “What is next for me is to move back to  Berlin, my hometown, after 20 years of exploring Asia,” she shared the news. “I am looking forward to partnering with a great hairdresser and friend and opening our own hair academy in Berlin. I am more than excited about this.” Not only that, but she also shared, “In February, I will shoot my collection for Jessica Kramm Hair Education in Manila, and looks like I will be teaching in Japan before the big move. Always on the roll, always something new!”

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