Influencers Show Us How To Do The Cottagecore Trend - MEGA
Influencers Show Us How To Do The Cottagecore Trend

Influencers Show Us How To Do The Cottagecore Trend

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These influencers are living the farm girl fantasy in Cottagecore threads from local online stores. Learn how you can pull it off too.

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Your Tumblr days are back. Yes, you know what we’re talking about. Babydoll dresses, overly aesthetic motivational quotes, and perfect photos of a life out in the country are back on the internet. Not only that, you’re starting to get into it again. Maybe that’s why linen dresses are overpopulating the Instagram shop scene. We can’t say for certain, but we do know the Cottagecore aesthetic is back. And, she might be back for good.

Influencers and online shops have found a way to modernize the old world trend. Instead of frilly country dresses and oversized vintage nightgowns, Cottagecore has adapted to shorter hemlines, modern prints, and a toned down color palette. Gone are the days when the trend looked costume-like or overdone. Now, Cottagecore enthusiasts are able to extend their love for the aesthetic to more than just clothing. Find out what are the top Cottagecore picks of your favorite influencers.

Photo from Jessica Yang (@jesych)

Sofia Yulo in a Babydoll Dress
Nothing says country maiden like a sweet babydoll dress. Sofia Yulo wears the Shiela mini dress from Amál. She pairs the look with dainty accessories and a clean chignon.

Chloe Ruiz holding a Biodegradable iPhone Case
The best part about modernizing the Cottagecore trend is brand’s response to recycling and reusing waste for products. Chloe Ruiz’s biodegradable iPhone Case from The Hub Cebu is an example of that. It’s the perfect complimentary accessory for a Cottagecore look.

Bella Racelis in a Floral Midi
During Bella Racelis’ out of town trip, she opted to wear a floral midi from Serena Clothing. The dress perfectly complements Bella’s morena complexion with its sunny green tone.

MJ Salme wearing Gold and Pearl Jewelry
Usually, the Cottagecore aesthetic can make do without golden jewelry. Although, if you are able to curate dainty pieces with earth elements like MJ, then you can create a modern look with a southern touch. The influencer opted to wear a gold and pearl necklace set from Mauve Manila.

Mavs Asuncion wearing Thong Heeled Sandals
Out with the sneakers, in with the sandals. Aside from the usual worker boot, the Cottagecore trend now accepts sandals as footwear. Mavs shows us how you can wear a modern country girl look with thong heeled sandals from LaSolédad.