Hyun Bin Talks About Future Plans And Projects In An Exclusive Interview
Hyun Bin Talks About Future Plans And Projects In An Exclusive Interview

Hyun Bin Talks About Future Plans And Projects In An Exclusive Interview

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Hyun Bin shares he has already moved on from his Captain Ri character because of his two upcoming projects.

One of the things we missed when there was no pandemic is having a chance to see our favorite Korean celebrities come and meet us whether through concerts and fan meetings. So, in an online private event organized by BENCH, actor Hyun Bin said that he’s happy to have this unique opportunity to communicate with Filipinos even briefly. He’s apologetic because of the current situation, he can’t meet his Filipino fans face to face. Although, if it weren’t for the pandemic, he would be ecstatic to meet everyone who relentlessly support him in the Philippines.

Hyun Bin then proceeded to answering questions from the press. See the full exclusive interview below where he talks about his next works, how to cop his style, and what is the biggest charm of BENCH.

The next for Hyun Bin

Why do you think your character, Captain Ri, was so well-received and so well-loved by K-drama fans all over the world?

I think that this character is pure, serious, and most of all, knows how to sacrifice for his loved ones, which is what people loved about him.

People still haven’t moved on from Crash Landing On You, and have separation anxiety. Have you moved on, now that you have other projects? Please tell us a little about your project.

I have to say that I have moved on, because after CLOY, I shot 2 movies, The Point Men and Confidential Assignment 2: International So, I have to say I have kind of moved on, but there are still people who have not gotten over CLOY and whenever I hear stories about it, the memories come back.

Versatile actor

You have already tried almost all kinds of genres like rom-com, action and sci-fi, what do you want to try next? 

Usually, I don’t select a drama or film with a specific genre in mind, so it doesn’t really matter. As long as it has an interesting theme or story that I want to try, then any genre will do.

You’ve been a captain, a CEO, and a prince among many other roles… in the future what role do you want to portray next in a series or in a movie?

I also don’t know yet what role I’m going to do next. After finishing shooting for a film/drama, I browse through new scripts, and see if there’s a piece with a role I’m attracted to. I also don’t know yet what that role would be. I’m just constantly trying to look for something new, so I’m also curious.

A very busy man

How do you find time and what do you do to relax?

I don’t really have a lot of free time. When I have to go into a next film/drama, I have to be on standby and get ready for it, so the only time I can fully relax is after finishing shooting a whole piece. To relax, hmm I think I take deep breaths. Inhaling and exhaling deeply 3-5 times makes me more relaxed.

Style like Hyun Bin

Can you tell us how you feel about communicating with your Filipino fans as a BENCH model? And what do you think is the biggest charm of BENCH?

I’m very sad because if it weren’t for the current pandemic situation, I would have gone and met you (Filipino fans) in person. But still, I’m able to meet and communicate with you through BENCH so I’m very happy.

I think the biggest charm of BENCH is the simple and comfortable, yet still stylish style.

How do you style a basic white T-shirt from Bench and where would you wear it?

Well, I think a white t-shirt goes well with any pants. For me, I wear it with jeans or slacks very often. But also, wearing a jacket or blazer over a white shirt with slacks would make you ready to go to any formal event.

Do you have any tips for your fans who would want to dress more like you?

I personally like comfy and simple clothes. So, if you want to dress like me, that’s how you should dress. If you want to give a point, in my case, I put emphasis on my watch, accessories or shoes, but nothing extravagant.

Hyun Bin wants everybody to stay strong

What is your message/advice to your fans, especially now that vaccines are here and hope is on the way?

I believe that we have all been through a difficult time for the past year and I think that we are all doing our best to overcome it. So, I believe that very soon, we will be able to take off our masks and communicate face to face not through video call like this. So everyone, stay strong a bit more, follow the safety measures, and stay healthy. Then, we’ll be able to meet in a short period of time.


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