How You Can Gift The Moon To Your Lover This Valentine’s Day

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It’s pretty hard to wrap the entire moon this Valentine’s Day, but you can wrap this special gift very easily that represents it from all angles.

If you’ve ever been deeply in love, perhaps your lover told this ever-famous line to you (or vice versa): “I’d give the moon to you.” Now, this is a promise made in countless songs, movies, and poems. In fact, George Bailey said this best in the 1995 film, It’s A Wonderful Life: “Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. I’ll give you the moon.” 

And while we all know this is lunacy, there’s really just nothing more that will make you crazy than loving the most important person in your life. So, as Valentine’s Day is around the corner, there’s no better time for you to take that extra leap and give everything you got once more to your beau. 

Go back to square one in your relationship and treat your sweetheart as if you two are in the early stages of courtship again. Men become the all-so valiant knight; women become the ever-lovely princess. Now, we’re not telling you to ride a rocket to the moon, but we may just have found the most realistic way how you can gift it to your significant other—enter the iconic OMEGA timepiece.

If there’s a watchmaker whom you can trust that knows the moon, it’s none other than the storied Swiss house of OMEGA. In fact, they were the first choice of NASA in 1965 on the Gemini 3 mission and the first watch worn on the Moon in 1969.

So, as the stage is set for your adventures this heart’s day, the luxury Swiss label can help you set the perfect scene by providing a cluster of stars: OMEGA’s Constellation Timepieces. Both in steel and 18K Sedna gold, wearing it feel like you have the entire universe right on your wrist. 

However, if you really prefer solely the moon, then OMEGA’s new De Ville Tresor in 18K Moonshine gold will make you remember the feeling when you said your sweet yes to your lover. Thanks to its delicate mesh bracelet and 38 full-cut diamonds, this will undoubtedly be your golden glow of luxury. 

Remember, if you’d rather reach for the possible, the storied Swiss house has the most beautiful timepieces your partner will adore just as much as the gorgeous moon. Plus, in all honesty, it’s easier to surprise someone with this tiny yet romantic gift than hiding the entire moon behind your back.

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