Keep It On, Please: How To Wear Red Lipstick In The New Normal

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Bold red lips straight off make a statement. To ensure that our masks won’t interfere with that, here’s what you can do to make lipsticks last longer. 

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Since the acetate face shield comes with a little inconvenience when driving, I recently got myself a tinted eye visor. Meaning to say, my entire face is fully covered when I go out compared to when I use a clear face shield, where my eye makeup just slightly peeks through the transparent plastic. It was just a quick trip to the grocery but I made it a point to, of course, apply my skincare and put on makeup. 

As I was sifting through different shades of lipstick, I immediately opted for a smudge-proof crimson red lipstick which, not to mention, matched my bright red nails. With layers of mask on and tinted eye visor, nobody from the grocery store could get a glimpse of my makeup. Regardless, wearing one beneath the face mask is an absolute mood-changer. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear bright-colored lipstick if it’s not smudge-proof. We can still be limitless despite this pandemic and feel empowered even with the little indulgences. 

To keep your lipstick long-lasting, make sure to exfoliate your lips. You can exfoliate your lips by massaging it with a lip scrub as part of your skincare routine and apply lip balm just before you wear your desired lip color. This prevents your lips from getting flaky, especially if you have the habit of biting your lips, chapped lips could trigger that mannerism. 

Whatever lipstick you want to wear is definitely up to you, but just let us remind you that matte lipsticks require minimal effort in making it stay a bit longer. Devoted to deliver more beautiful lips, luxury brand Hermès Beauty’s Rouge Hermès collection has the perfect array of matte shades with a selection of sensual and fine textures. Meanwhile, if you are something a little bit more classic and enduring, the Rouge Dior 999, which recently celebrated its signature shade, has a fabric-inspired finish and timeless red color. If you feel celebrating this iconic shade everyday, go ahead. 

Securing the color on your lips, you can try applying a very thin layer of translucent powder and shrugging off any excess product. Apart from locking-in the shade, it also keeps the moisture. So, after all that, all you have to do is to pucker up and layer on your affectations of protection, but this time with a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eyes, because really, that’s the power that a swipe of red can do—trust us.