This Brow-Try On Lets You Find Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape!
This Brow-Try On Lets You Find Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape!

This Brow-Try On Lets You Find Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape!

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Ever wondered what you’d look like with straight arches? Or with bushier brows? When faced with several brow trends, wanting to try a new brow style seems inevitable for the beauty-obsessed. But like haircuts, brow shapes aren’t one-size-fits-all — what looks good on your favorite K-Pop star might not work for your face shape. Luckily, Benefit Cosmetics came up with a genius solution to our dilemma. 


Endless looks to try on. One perfect match. Find your best brow look with our NEW #Benefit Brow Try-On! 🤳🏽 Click the #LinkInBio to experience the latest in brow transformation technology! #benefitbrows

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Launched this month on, the beauty brand — who has been known for their Brow Bars aside from their quirky cosmetics — has created an augmented reality tool called “Brow Try-On”, which sounds exactly what it’s like. Slightly similar to filters on Instagram or Snapchat, this technology lets you try out straighter, thicker, lighter, or higher arches without touching your brows or even wasting a dime. But unlike social media filters, the virtual brow shapes look realistic on the face. In fact, one of its brand managers even suggests to take a selfie using the tool, and no one will notice that you used a filter. 

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Once you’ve found the perfect brow shape, select “Get The Brows”, and the feature will tell you which products you’ll need to achieve the look, or you can save the photo and use it as your “brow peg” on your next eyebrow wax appointment inside Benefit’s stores. 

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