How To Stylishly Relive Our Favorite Tracks From Taylor Swift’s Folklore

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With Taylor Swift’s surprise-release of Folklore, we thought of ways on how to relive such wistful moments she was describing in her album.

Just when we’re so near to losing hope after being in quarantine for so long now and the various administrations of nation-states underperforming and spewing unnecessary and misplaced aggressions in the midst of a global crisis, Taylor Swift fans may have found their biggest plot twist yet this 2020. After the singer-songwriter overhauled her social media presence and dominated the music charts once again releasing her 8th album, everyone was in a pleasant state of shock.

In tradition, Taylor Swift would always have at least a two-year hiatus before releasing an album. But as the whole world was in quarantine and in turmoil, the pop star thought of sharing her magnum opus, perhaps as a means of comfort by retreating to your own personal space. The album is not your quintessential way of being put at ease though, and that’s because, Taylor is trying to let us know that in life, not everything would go our way.

Taylor Swift Folklore

Here’s the thing: pain demands to be felt. Life will never always be about glitz and glam, there will be episodes wherein we will bleed and just hope we never encountered it. And this is exactly what Taylor Swift made us do—understand our true sentiments from deep within our souls such as in Cardigan, which reminds us of our young love leaving an indelible mark in our hearts. In doing so, we learn that regardless of our history—the good and the bad—it is still up to us who will define our future. But we must still keep intact all the wisdom we acquired in the past to grow.

Taylor Swift’s Folklore serves as her storytelling album. And as we’re compelled to compare it to her previous works of art, this could potentially serve as her real breakthrough in her musical career. We saw her maturity in songwriting as she addressed her recent troubles without needing to name specific culprits or exes unlike before. According to her, “I found myself not only writing my own stories, but also writing about or from the perspective of people I’ve never met, people I’ve known, or those I wish I hadn’t.”

Taylor Swift Folklore

Her latest album was as a way of rediscovering oneself by looking closely in the past, and analyzing what is a fact and a myth. “Folklore is one that is passed down and whispered around. Sometimes even sung about,” she explains. “The lines between fantasy and reality blur and the boundaries between truth and fiction become almost indiscernible. [But it is] someone’s secrets written in the sky for all to behold.”

Folklore is a nod to all our significantly substantial experiences from the past mixed with the wisdom discovered that has been hand down through generations, which was evident in The Last Great American Dynasty. On the endnote, Taylor mentions that it is “now up to you to pass them down.” So, here’s how we can relive en vogue those moments, as we internalize each word and decode the lyrics between the lines of truth and gossips.


Taylor Swift Cardigan Folklore

While it’s pretty evident that you should wear a cardigan as you listen to the song, this piece of clothing actually serves as a symbol of remembering the one you loved once upon a time. It signifies that you have to let go and move forward in life, but before you do that, take a moment to cherish all your good old memories one last time.

The 1

The 1 serves as a trip down memory lane detailing searing scars in her past relationships. And in her journey to the world of nostalgia, she wonders how life would have been today had her relationship survived into the present. So, she’s only left reminiscing about their fun times together much like that of the “roaring twenties.”


Unlike other songs of the pop star, Exile is more of like a universal song. It’s about getting stuck in a toxic cycle of love and frustration until one gives up. The moment we knew that Taylor collaborated with Bon Iver this song would undoubtedly prove that the former has gone indie-folk, which leaves us to give this song the quintessential flannel top paired with denim—but no Uggs, please.


Taylor Swift Reputation

Upon listening closely to Epiphany, you’ll notice that this song is actually a nod to our front liners. It’s Taylor Swift’s attempt to slowly and surely touch some aspects of the socio-political state of things. Now, this song is partly about her commemorating her grandfather’s service during the second world war. But in the second verse, her lyrics had allusions to the pandemic. So, to honor our hardworking front-liners, we only see it fit to don a camouflage outfit.

The Last Great American Dynasty

Taylor Swift You Need To Calm Down

The Last Great American Dynasty recounts the ever-glamorous life of Rebekah Harkness who married the heir of Standard Oil fortune. But when her husband died in 1954, she inherited the mansion and became known for throwing over-the-top parties—from filling the pool with the extravagantly expensive Dom Perignon champagne to even dyeing a cat to “green.” Hence, to channel the “maddest woman this town has ever seen,” it’s time to bring out those fur jackets and sparkly jewelry. After all, we need to remind ourselves that we’re rich fab women, even in our fantasies.