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How To Style Your Sweater Vest, As Seen On Your Favorite Celebrities

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ICYMI: Sweater vests are now a wardrobe staple.

Unless you’ve been on a social media cleanse during the pandemic, then you’re aware that sweater vests have taken over the fashion world. Gone are those says where sweater vests were only usually seen on nerds on TV, or even your grandpas, and when it was deemed uncool. It’s now back, and everyone—from Harry Styles to Kendall Jenner—are obsessing over it. Even luxury fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, and Dior are featuring sweater vests on their collections. So if you’ve been thinking of getting one of your own, then now is definitely the time, and we’ll help you style it!

From Emma Chamberlain to Rihanna, here are 5 different ways you can style your sweater vest:

Street Style

Whether you’re going out for a quick errand or to get some lunch, your sweater vest can fit any casual occasion. Wear your graphic sweater vest over a white tee, and pair it with some oversized wide leg jeans, and your trusty sneakers, just like Dua Lipa.

Too Cool For School

If you want to be the most fashionable and trendiest in class, then your sweater vest may be your new best friend for the school year. Wear it over a collared shirt, match it with your favorite skirt, and you’ll surely be ready to smash the year.


Unless you’re not on social media (which is highly unlikely), then you’ve definitely seen those houndstooth sweater vests worn by influencers, and even your friends. Take the styling up a notch by wearing it over an oversized button up, just like Jennie. Don’t forget to grab a cute hat to complete your look!

Just Like Kenny

Kendall Jenner took the “grandpa fashion” to a whole new level—but surprisingly, we’re not complaining. Take notes from Kenny herself, wear your colorful sweater vest over an oversized button down, and match it with a pair of wide leg trousers. Complete the look with a pair of loafers, some sunnies, and a shoulder bag. 

Party Like Riri

Is something really a trend until we see queen Rihanna wear it? Well, probably not. And who else can convince us that you can wear sweater vests on a night out other than the queen herself? Match your oversized sweater vest with oversized trousers, a pair of pointy heels, and a tote. Don’t forget to accessorise with some bling, and you’re ready to party like Riri!