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How To Hop On The Not-So-Basic Basics Trend

How To Hop On The Not-So-Basic Basics Trend

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Reinventing basics is not an easy task, but it is the latest trend you can hop on. It’s easy if you follow these easy tips.

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At the end of the day, we’ll always go back to basics. But, they may not be exactly the type of basics you’re thinking of. These basics are colorful, functional, comfortable, and experimental. So, “How are they still basics?” you may ask. It’s simple. The newfound not-so-basic basics still follow a certain code. They’re experimental, while staying conservative. Flashy, yet controlled. Colorful, yet muted. It sounds like we’re just spewing out a bunch of oxymorons, but trust us this is how this new trend goes. The secret is to finding the happy medium in everything you wear. Find out how by checking out our tips down below.

1. Don’t be afraid to wear color and mix prints
Try Monki’s Fall/Winter Scandi-cool pieces
We’ve all heard of a Scandinavian aesthetic, but have you heard of Scandi-cool? It’s a play on your favorite minimalist pieces in fun and colorful prints and patterns. You can even mix and match different colors and patterns. Just make sure you balance it all out.

2. Wear a classic shoe with a statement piece
Try Pedro’s Icon Leather Square Toe Loafers
Shoes are essential to finishing an outfit, whether you’re in or out of the house. Why not try wearing a comfortable and classic silhouette with a statement design piece embellishing the top. You’d be surprised how a little design goes a long way.

3. Incorporate Gorpcore pieces in your wardrobe
Try H&M’s Autumn 2021 Gorpcore Collection
If you aren’t familiar with what Gorpcore is, it’s basically hiking gear shown in a sartorial way. That means teddy bear jackets, zippers, boots, and lots n’ lots of khaki. Rummage through your hiking gear or better yet, buy new pieces that are more practical to wear in the city.

4. Stock up on staples
Try Forever 21’s Reinvented Basics Collection
When you pair all the statement pieces mentioned above with your favorite staples, you get the happy medium that we were talking about. It’s all about finding the perfect balance of your all time favorites and new trendy pieces that tackle different aesthetics.

5. Wear it in one size up
Try COS Modern and Functional Designs
One thing we love about COS’ effortlessly chic designs is their incorporation of oversized pieces in every collection. Wearing one size up is a great way to keep comfortable without having to compromise style. Plus, they come in all of our favorite silhouettes made in quality fabrics.