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Here’s How To Wear Grace Jones’ Most Iconic Looks
By Marella Ricketts
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In need of some makeup inspiration? Dance the night away with these revolutionary party looks, inspired by none other than the iconic Grace Jones.


Nothing makes a bolder statement than a strong silhouette paired with a bold lip. To get this look, be generous with the contour, but in a natural shade that suits your skin. Wear a vampy black on the lips to finish it off.



Who says you can't go monochromatic in red? Play with different hues for something a little different: a bold smear on the eyes, ombre tinted lips and cherry red nails.



Neon pink can be daunting to pull off, but it can be wearable when done right. Go for a more subdues approach, with a natural contour and highlight and a pink lip that suits your skin tone.



Bright gold eyes are always a great choice when choosing what look to go for on a night out. To balance this out, go for a nude base and glossy, pinkish nude lips.

By Marella Ricketts
Photography Jerick Sanchez
Art Direction Jann Pascua and Tanya Mallillin
Makeup Anton Patdu
Hair Mong Amado
Nails Luz Fortun of Triple Luck Brow and Salon
Model Ina (Farah Models)
Shot on location at Vue Bar at Bellevue Hotel