How To Dress Up For Your Virtual Meeting In Style And Comfort - Fashion
How To Dress Up For Your Virtual Meeting In Style And Comfort

How To Dress Up For Your Virtual Meeting In Style And Comfort

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With virtual meeting being the new norm, there are ways you can look the part while still being comfortable. Debating whether you will pass off your PJs as workwear or will you actually get dressed as if you were in the office? Hint: It’s the latter.

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Did you suddenly get called on for a virtual meeting in a few hours and you are lazy to change from what you slept in? As tempting as it sounds to wear your favorite wool sweater and sweatpants ala Kim K in Calabasas as a go-to outfit when working from home, there are occasions when it won’t just cut it, especially when at a conference call. In fact, it is this very reason that some people have struggles dressing up for this setup while others prefer to be in their regular work day outfit to feel more productive.

Working from home isn’t really a foreign concept, especially in Western countries, but these times of uncertainty have definitely impacted our day-to-day lives, completely altering history and the modern times altogether. Now more than ever, we are embracing technology in hopes of keeping everything afloat, including our sense of normal. Before you tip the sanity scale, allow us to share a few tips on how to navigate the digital workspace by dressing up.

1. Wear What Makes You Feel Good

The cyber world is a wonderful place to experiment, especially now that you have more time on your hands. But there’s a constant argument between keeping a 5-minute prep to start the day a little earlier or stick to the usual routine to prepare yourself for your virtual meeting. Our take? Always remember to dress for success no matter what setting you’re in, which can easily mean a tailored blazer a snazzy printed top, or if the conditions permit, a spiffy leather jacket.

2. Look The Part

A full boardroom attire may not seem practical at this point, but a bedroom ensemble isn’t either. Trade your silk robe for a dressier, collared blouse paired down with comfortable slacks. No one isn’t really going to see what you’re wearing at the bottom, but it definitely helps with feeling more competent. And it is safer, too, especially when you have to stand up and excuse yourself from the virtual meeting. This way, you avoid the embarrassment of the office seeing your undergarments.

3. Dress In Color

Sounds a little cliché, but a little color never hurt anybody. Cooler tones such as blue or green are easy on the eyes and more relaxing, while warmer shades like yellow, red or orange add that extra pump and adrenaline to keep the day going.

4. Changing Clothes = Change In Perception

Until the virus outbreak, we’ve always taken work prep for granted. We never realized how getting ready in the morning meant setting the tone for your day. A little tip? Change into work clothes while being on the clock, but once you’re done, you can switch back to your favorite PJs. This routine keeps in setting the boundary between life and work.

5. Bonus = Try Putting On Makeup


In need of a little confidence boost? Dab a bit of blush, tame your brows, and wear a swipe of red (or any neutral shade). Never underestimate how the smallest of things such as looking in the mirror can help in dressing for success during this uncertain time. It also allows you the opportunity to give a good impression when at a virtual meeting. And besides, if it makes you feel super, then by all means, go for that beauty look.

Illustrations by Lyn Alumno