How Much Is Nadine Lustre's Prada Boots And How To Cop Her Look
How Much Is Nadine Lustre’s Prada Boots And How To Cop Her Look

How Much Is Nadine Lustre’s Prada Boots And How To Cop Her Look

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Nadine Lustre once more surprised us with the Prada boots she wore recently, and her very own stylist shares the secret on how you can cop it.

Known for her street-ready edgy aesthetic, Nadine Lustre is a style star many aspire to be. From red carpets, galas, to shoots, she has proved over time that she is very well committed to her own fashion branding: sultry with a hint of sophistication.

And just recently, she showed us how she aces this vibe again. During the live stream launch of OPPO Reno5, Nadine donned a cream sheer oversized blazer made by designer to the stars Neric Beltran paired with leather combat boots.

But that was no ordinary boots—it’s the much-coveted Prada Monolith leather boots, which is apparently out of stock already. Famed for its oversize volumes and structured lines, the boot with tread sole is distinguished by the straps with nylon pouches that beautifully contrast with the calf leather skin.

So, with the details of the boots said, you may wonder how much does these must-have boots cost? Based on Prada’s online shop, it costs a hefty amount of USD 1890 or approximately P91,980 minus the tax.

Copping The Look

This pair surely looks stunning. Upon wearing it to the mall or even a stroll in your neighborhood, you’ll eventually turn heads. After all, it’s not like we see someone wearing a shoe with outer pockets.

And since Nadine Lustre is a style star, it’s only normal that her beloved fans would also want to cop it. So, we went directly to her stylist Lyn Alumno to take down the right style cues.

According to her, “there wasn’t a specific inspiration but I’ve been obsessing over the Y2K era recently. Usually, we opt for heels when doing guestings like that, but I just had this random idea and asked her if she’s game to wear chunky boots with the sheer oversized blazer that Neric designed.”

“But now that I think about it, the overall look was like the wearable version of the outfit she wore on her Brazil cover last year [for Making MEGA],” she admits. “I’m just surprised she hasn’t fired me yet ’cause of all these crazy ideas.”

Now while these crazy styling ideas seem to be popping out of her brain left and right for Lyn, we only think that these so-called crazy things are worth adding to our list of fashion inpos. With this said, she tells us how we can ace this look even if we don’t have the Prada boots Nadine already has.

In order to ace this look, just choose an oversized blazer from the men’s clothing. The reason we suggest getting it from the men’s section is that men’s suits have the tendency to have broader padded shoulders. Once done, it’s time to pick your boots.

Nadine Lustre Prada Boots

Nadine’s stylist explains that some people are usually hesitant to wear high cut boots because it shortens their frame but in reality, it gives an illusion of longer legs. “[But] trust me, wearing boots or heels instantly boosts your confidence. And the beauty of it is you can literally wear anything with chunky boots,” she highly advises.

There are many boots that are available in the market right now. Whether you look into online shopping destinations, visit fast-fashion brand’s brick and mortars like Forever 21 and H&M, your options are limitless. So for our last advise, just pick the boots wherein you’re most comfortable walking in. Always keep in mind: comfort over anything.