How MEGAStyle Is Redefining Newness and Celebrating The Undefined

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With the new MEGAStyle, we define the woman that she is by celebrating her boundless potential

MEGAStyle has always been the middle child in the One MEGA Group family. With MEGA as the older sister and MEG as the youngest, her identity has been hard to pinpoint since its conception. But in those blurred lines she has found her footing—an identity that is undefined because the possibilities of becoming are endless. Undeterred by boxes people want her to be defined in, she is confident in her own power in creating the path that is uniquely her own

Just like the Millennial generation it aims to cater to, individuality in their identities become a great precursor in achieving their own unique dreams. MEGAStyle in that way becomes their confidant in every journey they choose to take, whether it is discovering their personal style, redefining beauty standards or better understanding themselves.

In fashion, MEGAStyle creates an environment that celebrates everyone’s unique style perspective. From ultra-feminine frocks to edgier looks, she analyzes the best of each style to provide a more comprehensive look. Going through all the fluff and trends of each season, she is able to hone in on the trends that matter and the trends that have lasting power that can stay in women’s wardrobe for all seasons that come after.

In beauty, she is aware of the ever changing landscape of this industry. She is part of the evolution and recognizes that beauty is never just one note. Barely there beauty is just as exciting as full beat face of multi-colored proportions. For her, beauty is all about experimenting and celebrating all the transformations that is made by her creative mind.

In truth, she finds herself. Her identity will only be defined by the truths that she speaks to herself. “You are enough” is her constant battlecry to a world that is created to always move towards something. For her, the version of herself today is just as important as who she was and who she will become. In truth, she is starting a revolution not only of self-love, but an avenue for her to continue to discover herself in her own terms.

The past years have all been a part of MEGAStyle’s journey in finding herself. This time, defining herself won’t be the end goal, but rather, taking part in the celebration of her present self. With a quiet confidence and an undying spirit, she forges on as a woman of her own.

What we do here at MEGAStyle is building a community that is rooted on uniqueness and individuality that branches out into a celebration of diversity and freedom. Whether it be truth you are looking for or fashion trends that matter and beauty tips & tricks that transform, our only hope is that you find your freedom here.

“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” -Mandy Hale