How The Fashion World Is Protecting Themselves From COVID-19
How The Fashion World Is Protecting Themselves From COVID-19

How The Fashion World Is Protecting Themselves From COVID-19

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With the world greatly affected by COVID-19, we look at how people in the fashion industry are coping in this time of crisis.

The World Health Organization (WHO) just declared the COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, which means it is already uncontrolled in various territories across the globe. In the Philippines alone, there is a rising case of confirmed cases and patients under investigations (PUIs). And because of this, the majority of the Filipinos are becoming more aware of their own safety—from washing, sanitizing, and albeit a hotly contested issue, wearing protective gear such as a mask.

Although, since there is still a scarcity of masks, people are opting to find a reusable one (as long as you put a sanitary napkin inside). Now, while a lot of people are already doing it, what really caught our attention is one of our favorite fashionistas: Heart Evangelista.

Recently, she tweeted a photo of her wearing a face mask to protect herself from the virus. But here’s the catch, it was accented with a Hermes ribbon. “Kat and I are coming up with masks that are prettier because life goes on and there’s work… and wala akong choice! We are making ourselves fashionably safe,” Heart explained.

How did she wonderfully elevated her mask? Well, Heart just stitched her filtering face mask with her cushion mask and cut the excess a bit. To finish it off, she recycled some pretty ribbons that anyone could get from their perfume boxes.


Aside from Heart Evangelista, another notable style purveyor who took to social media how she was protecting themselves from the virus is Naomi Campbell. She posted on her Instagram that she wore a hazmat suit, goggles, face mask, and latex gloves at the airport wearing . And in case she’s feeling cold, fret not, she also wore a camel wool overcoat.

Finally, and on the more socially serious note, raising more awareness and giving us a closer look at what’s happening in the country that has the highest case of COVID-19 (outside China) is Italian blogger-turned-designer Chiara Ferragni. She posted on her Instagram to explain the current situation of what’s happening in Italy.

“IT IS BAD,” she warns. “We have more than 10,00 cases 600+ deaths, and 5000 people at the hospitals with bad conditions. Doctors and nurses are doing all they can to help as many as possible, but if the number of sick doesn’t slow down they’ll have to start choosing patients based on how young and likely to survive they are.”

To help with the growing number of cases that need a huge amount of funding, Chiara Ferragni, as well as her husband Fedez (Italian rapper), started crowdfunding on Monday to help a hospital in Milan which already got over 3.6 million euros.

“We’re all living in quarantine right now. So please, start the awareness and understand that [COVID-19] is not the common flu and it’s way more dangerous for all of us. Stay in as much as possible in this critical time,” she added. “And if you can, help telling others to be careful.”