Hop on the Bandwagon by Going Digital through LYKA

LYKA users will be putting their GEMs to good use as a lot more partner merchants are coming their way

This 2020, going digital is a must. Numerous stores, restaurants, and other establishments have rapidly transitioned to conducting online transactions to continuously reduce physical contact with customers and guests. This is why the use of QR codes and e-wallets have seen a spike this past year. With LYKA, a social media platform that is also being utilized by multiple establishments for digital transactions, no one has to worry about transferring anything else aside from the platform’s own version of points, which can easily be used to pay for different types of purchases.

Becoming a partner merchant for LYKA has easy-to-follow steps that anyone with a smartphone can do as the app is available for download from the App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery. Once downloaded, you just have to sign up by creating a new account and filling up the necessary information such as your company name or branch, official email address or contact number, and username. After verification, your company is already listed as a partner merchant of LYKA, and customers can now use their GEMs–Gift check in Electronic Mode–when purchasing from your establishment.

There are two ways for each LYKA user to send GEMs to the brand’s partner merchants. One would be going to the merchant’s actual LYKA account or easily typing in the merchant’s username to look for them, while the other would be via QR code, which can be created and downloaded through the LYKA app itself. Once it has been created by the partner merchant, three different files can be downloaded–the official QR code, four mini QR code printouts for bill holders, and a door signage template that can be displayed to signify that your establishment is a LYKA partner merchant. The GEMs that your business will be receiving can be viewed and even be refunded back to your customer through the My Gems page that is easily accessible from the app’s home screen.

After all has been said and done, you and your business can now start your LYKA journey. To stay updated on LYKA’s user-friendly services, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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