Here’s An Honest Review On The New Skinimalism Trend

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Less is definitely more. Beauty Junkies everywhere are trying out the new skinimalism trend by using this local brand’s Skin On The Go line.

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Hello, everyone! My name is Mika Reyes and I am a self-proclaimed beauty junkie. Although it’s been a long time coming, I’m glad we, beauty junkies, could all come together to talk about a new trend sweeping the world: skinimalism. If you aren’t aware of this new trend, then let me give you a little education before laying down our verdict on the matter. Skinimalism is the pandemic baby of the beauty industry. Due to drastic changes in lifestyle for the past year, many beauty aficionados have shifted towards a simpler daily routine. This means using less skincare products and makeup. Instead of wearing a full face of makeup to a party, we opt for a casual and effortless look as we video call our friends. Apart from this, it is also a lot more acceptable to show imperfections in beauty looks.

skinimalism, Issy & Co, Active Skin Tint, Weightless Loose Foundation, beauty trend, 2021

One of the leading beauty brands in the Philippines, Issy & Co., is the pioneer of skinimalism in the country. Recently, they came out with two products that embody the new beauty trend. These products are the Active Skin Tint and the Weightless Loose Powder from their Skin on the Go line. As a newbie to skinimalism, I chose these two products as my rite of passage to the trend. I wore both the Active Skin Tint and the Weightless Loose Powder for a week to test it out. Here’s my honest review on skinimalism and Issy & Co.’s newest products.

The Issy & Co. Active Skin Tint
Price: P499
Shades: Vanillé, Fawn, Beech, Hazel, Brulée, and Sienna
Features: Niacinamide, Glycerin, Squalene, Sunscreen Actives, and Oil Free Formula

Issy & Co, Active Skin Tint, Weightless Loose Foundation, beauty trend, 2021, skinimalism

I just came from the beach when I got the Issy & Co. Active Skin Tint, so I was a few shades darker than my usual skin tone. On normal circumstances, my skin tone would match Vanillé, but since I am currently Tan my skin tone was closer to Fawn. For the fun of it, I tried out Vanillé to see how it would look on my tan skin. To my surprise, the tint adapted to my skin tone as the day went by. It’s nice to see that their product is adaptable to the user’s skin tone. This means that anyone can find their perfect shade with their six available colors.

The Issy & Co. Weightless Loose Powder
Price: P349
Variations: Illuminating, Mattifying, and Translucent
Features: Talc Free Formula, Vitamin E (Translucent), and Squalene (Mattifying)

skinimalism, Issy & Co, Active Skin Tint, Weightless Loose Foundation, beauty trend, 2021

I’d like to think that loose powders are the skinimalism substitutes to compact pressed powders. Instead of setting my under eye concealer with a pressed powder, I opted to set the Active Skin tint on my under eyes with the loose powder. It was not as full coverage as a pressed powder and concealer combo, but it did lessen my discoloration in a natural way.

The Skinimalism Trend
For anyone with normal skin (large-looking pores, discoloration, acne, and the likes), skinimalism would be absolutely terrifying at first. I’m not completely used to letting my acne flag fly, but since I don’t really see anyone in person during the pandemic it’s understandable. If you’re looking for natural finish for Zoom meetings, Instagram stories, or socially distanced meet ups, then skinimalism is definitely for you. If by any chance you are blessed by the skin gods and you’re looking for light coverage on your beautiful skin, then skinimalism is also for you.

All in all, I give this trend and the two Issy & Co. products a thumbs up. They’re a great response to our beauty needs during the pandemic. I would definitely like to see more local products tie in with skinimalism in the future.