Home Diets and Exercises Not Enough? Try This for a Beauty Boost

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If complex nutrition guides and sweat-inducing workout routines don’t seem to perk up your self-confidence, then turn to Myra’s beauty vitamins for a healthy glow from within. 

If there is one thing that our home-based life has taught us over the past couple of months, it’s the value of investing in ourselves. Admit it, you have probably tried some form of home activity to keep your health and fitness in check (or at least thought of doing so). Fitness instructors and online health gurus have become all the craze. But aside from achieving your desired beauty, diets and exercises help build up your confidence.

Indeed, with beauty comes confidence. If you don’t feel good about yourself, are you ever truly beautiful? But if frustration gets the better of you when complicated diets and taxing exercises aren’t doing the trick to perk up your confidence, there are helpful products that provide you with vitamin-packed nourishment from the inside—no tricky trial-and-error methods or elbow grease required.

The science of vitamins for our bodies lays it down: vitamin E protects your skin from UV damage and aging, vitamin C brings helpful antioxidant properties, vitamin B3 improves skin structure and strength, vitamin B5 amps up regeneration and keeps skin hydrated, and vitamin B6 clears excess oils and impurities.

With these invaluable nutrients in mind, we take a look at some beauty must-haves from Myra that contain these vitamins for achieving a radiant glow within.

A face you won’t hide

Do your creams and lotions have the necessary beauty vitamins?

Your face is the most noticeable part of your body. From the photos you post online to the video calls with your teammates, it’s always front and center. Most of you probably have a skincare routine to keep skin looking supple, but it’s high time to elevate it with Myra’s Fresh Glow Facial Wash. This wash is packed with a powerful combination of vitamins E, C, B3, B5, and B6. What makes it even more special is its Oil Clear Technology that gently removes dead skin and slows down oil production.

Myra's Fresh Glow Facial Wash containing the beauty vitamins you need for the day
Use Myra’s Fresh Glow Facial Wash after your reinvigorating shower

And if you’re ready to go out and seize the day, apply Myra’s Smooth Glow Facial Moisturizer, hydrating your skin for a dewy glow and lasting protection. Its light and moist feel makes it suitable to be worn under makeup so you don’t have to compromise your look. Smooth, moisturized, and fresh-looking skin—now that’s a face no one can resist.

A body to love

Aside from your daily exercises, beauty supplements can boost your mood and confidence

Don’t stop at the top! For standout beauty, you need that full body glow. The journey to naturally stunning skin continues with Myra’s Classic Moisturizing Vitamin Lotion. Packed with the same formula Myra has been known for, the lotion does more than just moisturize. Plus, with its grape seed oil additive, it helps lock in moisture for 24-hours. With smooth skin all day, every day, you’ll gain that confidence boost to do more without falling short of beauty.

A beauty that’s healthy from within

While facial washes and moisturizers have become a skincare staple, you’re missing out half of the deal if beauty vitamins and supplements aren’t a part of your daily routine. Myra, with over 40 years of expertise in women’s beauty, brings their trademark capsules for standout beauty at any age: Myra E and Myra Ultimate.

Myra E and Myra Ultimate
Myra 400-E (Bottle of 30s) and Myra Ultimate (Box of 8s)

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Stress from strenuous activities and having an unhealthy lifestyle produces free radicals in your body. These damage cells, resulting in dull, tired-looking skin. Myra E fights free radicals and repairs damaged cells with d-Alpha Tocopherol, a natural vitamin from soybean oil. Now that’s something creams or scrubs can’t do for you.

For the seasoned beauties, skin aging might be a more pressing concern. Skin loses elasticity as you age, making it wrinkly, dry, and damaged. Always a step ahead, Myra has an answer in Myra Ultimate. This breakthrough beauty supplement has astaxanthin, an ingredient extracted from microalgae that keeps skin firm and free of dark spots. Aging shouldn’t slow you down, and with Myra Ultimate, you’ll be able to do more with a renewed self-confidence.

Just how you power through to rise up in the new normal, your beauty routine should go all in too. Achieving your standout look can be this simple and effective with the help of vitamin-packed beauty supplements. With these, you’ll be well on your way to doing the most at home by properly investing in yourself.

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