5 Things You Need To Have From H&M's Chinese New Year Collection
5 Things You Need To Have From H&M’s Chinese New Year Collection

5 Things You Need To Have From H&M’s Chinese New Year Collection

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner. With only less than three weeks left before the lunar new year, it’s high time to get yourselves clothes that will not only make you look posh but also lucky. This 2019 (the year of the pig) H&M encourages everyone to channel the power of love and family.

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Since family is the most important thing for every Chinese household, H&M presents a campaign that will stylishly encapsulates the happy moments of getting together with your loved ones. After all, the feeling of celebration, joy, and happiness during this most cherished festival of the year, should be put in the spotlight.

With red, white, and pink being the lucky colors, all of the hues are manifested in the collection. And as the pig symbolizes wealth, make sure you also exude the same spirit when you celebrate it. Here are five must-haves from H&M’s Chinese New Year Collection 2019.

Making a case for the ruffled trend, this red sweater is perfect to wear from day to night. If you have meetings over lunch and eventually meet your family for the annual new year’s dinner, this is your best bet.

To keep up with the pleated trend, H&M incorporates it to their skirts. With its stunning geometrical pattern, elevate your look with this skirt. Finish your look with a pink top to keep your ensemble dainty.

If you are looking for something more casual, opt for this cropped denim jacket. As it also features a ruffled accent, don’t be surprised if your girlfriends will envy this adorable yet chic top. Complement your look with red or white trousers.

A week after Chinese New Year, expect that love is already in the air. If you want to hit two birds with one stone as you shop, grab this pleated dress. Since it has a lovely print highlighting hearts, this is definitely a must-have for the season of love.

Red and gold is always a good idea for New Year’s Eve. As red will bring you prosperity, gold will be the one to magnetize all the blessings you need to attract. Wear this tassel earring, and channel the festive spirit while getting all the luck you need this year.

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H&M’s Chinese New Year collection is now available online and in stores nationwide.