You Won't Stop Laughing At Maymay Entrata As She Takes The Ultimate Philippine History Quiz

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Maymay Entrata will make you laugh so hard in this ultimate Philippine history quiz!
With her unparalleled beauty and humility, Maymay can easily steal anyone’s heart. But adding up to the list of her many charms, this young lady is a natural comedian. She didn’t have to try so hard to make everyone comfortable in her presence. So it wasn’t so surprising that we laughed so hard we cried as she takes the history quiz we prepared for her. From her facial expressions to her spontaneous remarks, this girl just never fails.
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In celebration of Philippine independence, we prepared a little game for the MEGA cover star. And with a little help from the team, the actress takes on this ultimate history quiz!
Are you up for the challenge like Maymay? Check it out on the video below!