History-Making Moments at the 95th Academy Awards

History-Making Moments at the 95th Academy Awards

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Here’s a recap of the glorious wins and history-making highlights at this year’s Oscars

Every year, the Academy Awards is a highly-anticipated event celebrating cinematic art, film enthusiasts, and creatives of the industry. With a legacy that spans over nine decades, the Oscars has become a phenomenon that marks momentous wins and history-making events. With this year’s highlights, such wins are not just celebrated for their well-deserved recognition, but also for the turning point in history they represent. From honoring Ruth E. Carter as the first Black woman to win multiple Oscars in any category to Michelle Yeoh becoming the first Asian to win Actress in a Leading Role, these historical moments are a testament to the resilience, creativity, and vision of these empowered women who dared to dream big and make a difference. 

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Ruth E. Carter’s second win

With her second win for Costume Design for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, this year’s Academy Awards will go down in history as the night that Ruth E. Carter cemented her place as the first Black woman to win multiple Oscars in any category. Owning this historic feat, Carter’s innovative and breathtaking designs have not only helped bring the fictional world of Wakanda to life, but also celebrate Black culture and identity on the big screen. During her acceptance speech, Carter thanked the Academy for “recognizing this superhero that is a Black woman,” a truly special message that representation matters in creating art forms to resonate with audiences around the world. 

Michelle Yeoh’s first Oscar

Michelle Yeoh’s first Oscar
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As Michelle Yeoh stood on the Oscars stage, she became a symbol of diversity, inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their dreams and break through the barriers of nations. She made history and embodied empowerment as she received the Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role for her powerful performance in the action comedy-drama, Everything Everywhere All at Once. This also marked her title as the first Asian woman who has ever won the award, and the second woman of color following the triumph of Halle Berry in the 74th Academy Awards. 

Yeoh’s win was not only a triumph for her, but also a beacon of hope for Asian people around the world. As she stood on stage with her trophy in hand, Yeoh radiated a sense of pride and gratitude for the recognition of her work, as well as the opportunity to represent Asian artists on the world stage.

From one woman of color to another

The historical win of Michelle Yeoh as Actress in Leading Role for her Oscar-winning film was made all the more symbolic as Halle Berry had the honor of presenting the award to her fellow woman of color. Halle Berry’s win 22 years ago paved the way for diversity in the film industry. 

The 74th Academy Awards marked a historic moment for Halle Berry as she became the first Black woman to win the same award. As the renowned actor of Monster’s Ball took the stage to receive her award, she was overcome with emotions and tears. In her acceptance speech, Berry dedicated her award to every nameless face of women of color, recognizing the barriers that many talented actors like herself would have to conquer to reach her spot in Hollywood. She spoke of the significance of this moment, stating that through her Oscar trophy, the closed doors for women of color have been opened. The actress’ historic win broke barriers and shattered stereotypes, inspiring countless women to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry.

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