Here’s What Your Favorite Boyband Says About You

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From Backstreet Boys to One Direction to BTS, here is what your favorite boyband of all time says about you.

Boybands are (and probably always will be) a big part of the music industry. And, whether we like it or not, they are not going anywhere. With fans all over the world, boybands remain to be some of the top selling and most famous music acts of all time.

In the recent years, we’ve been blessed with a flock of these boybands—each one different from the other. And, while boybands in the 90s were known for their matching outfits and dance moves, there are others who decided to stray away from those boyband stereotypes (ehem, One Direction). Sure, they all have their differences, but one thing all boybands have in common? A group of loyal and dedicated fans.

From buying merch and saving up for concert tickets to staying up all night to watch a virtual concert, boyband fans are a different breed—in a good way. They dedicate money, time, and effort just to be able to watch and see their favorites succeed. And, honestly, who could blame them?

If you’re a fan, then here is what your all time favorite boyband says about you:


You are fun.

N*SYNC was one of the popular boybands in the 90s. If you’re a fan of N*SYNC, you’re fun to be around. You’re the one who’s always down for a good time, and is most probably the life of the party. You’re always the first one on the dance floor, and can’t contain your excitement when you hear an N*SYNC song in public. And while they’ve been broken up for quite some time, they’re still the best boyband for you.

Backstreet Boys

You are dedicated.

If you weren’t a fan of N*SYNC, then you’re undoubtedly a Backstreet Boys fan. If you like Backstreet Boys, then you are one dedicated fan. The proof? The fact that Backstreet Boys are still together and going strong 25 years later. You show dedication in all aspects of your life, and you don’t settle for mediocrity. 


You are romantic.

If Westlife is your favorite boyband of all time, then you are probably a romantic. You love love and their songs like “Swear It Again”, “Queen of My Heart”, among others are probably your favorite love songs. You enjoy being in a relationship, and you and your partner are probably the “mom and dad” of your friend group.

Jonas Brothers

You are chill.

If you like the Jonas Brothers (whether it was during their Disney days or currently), you’re a pretty chill person. You like hanging out with friends and family, and enjoy being around people you love. Sure, you might fight with your siblings sometimes, but they’re still your best friend and go-to person.

One Direction

You are strong.

Ah, One Direction. If you’re a fan, then you are strong person. Period. You don’t let parting ways (or Zayn leaving the band) or break-ups (aka the band hiatus) drag you down. As a person, you know how to have fun and make sure people around you are having fun too. Harry Styles is probably your fashion inspiration and you might have some trust issues that stems from believing the One Direction hiatus is only going to last 18 months (it’s been almost 6 years); but you’re still hopeful they’re getting back together. You do you!

5 Seconds of Summer

You are cool.

Some people don’t consider 5 Seconds of Summer a boyband, but because they toured with One Direction when they first started, we’re including them in the list. If you like 5SOS, you’re cool—and we want to be your friend. You do what you want and you don’t care much about what other people say. You probably also had an emo phase (or are going through one currently). Sorry!


You are passionate.

Music is a universal language—and no one proves that better than BTS. While most of their songs are in Korean, that has not stopped them from amassing millions of fans globally. If you’re a BTS fan, then you are someone who is passionate. Whether its work, or supporting the boys, you put all your heart into whatever it is you’re doing. You also enjoy the small things in life.

So, who’s your favorite boyband of all time?